Is this Normal?

When your cat starts talking to you, you get confused. But when your dog does too, you just get freaked. But I'm pretty sure this has happened before to other people. Right?


1. A Normal Day?

Sometimes I find myself on my own, stroking my cat, throwing the ball for my dog and talking to them. Not the kind of animal talk most people do, but I talk normally to them. I don't use a squeaky baby talk voice towards them, they're intelligent enough. Aren't they? Well I think so anyway. But anyway. I got bored so I switched the T.v on to fill the awkward silence between Cosmo's paws scratching at the wooden floors and Lilly's purring. The same old thing came onto the screen, Friends. I've seen them all a million times, but sometimes I still watch it, even though I can quote word for word what they're going to say. Which is kind of weird but oh well. But I wasn't in a repeat mood today. I wanted to watch something new, something I haven't seen. I flicked through the channels. Nothing. What am I supposed to do now?


The screen went black with the click of a button, and I looked down. Cosmo sat there, his tail wagging, a tennis ball in his mouth with his tongue hanging out of the side. He always looked stupid when he did that.
"You look stupid Cosmo," I said while tussling his fur. I left, and went upstairs. Surely there is something online I could do? Want something on YouTube maybe? Click! Click! Click! Nothing. Seen it all before, and I couldn't be bother to try and find something to watch. Cosmo trotted up the stairs, and ventured into my room. Normally he doesn't come in here, but there was a reason. His blue lead was hanging out of his mouth.
"How did you get that? I swear I hung that up," I though back to when I took his out yesterday. I do remember putting it up on the nail near the door, I guess it feel off then.
"I'm guessing you want to go out for a walk?" I inquired. When I said 'walk,' he dropped the lead and barked at me rather loudly.


"Alright then, might as well. Nothing else to do around here," I said to myself. I changed into jeans, a plain shirt and my blue trainers. Cosmo sat there patiently, holding the lead again. I grabbed my keys, dog poo bags and a tennis ball and threw them in my bag. It was still afternoon, my parents didn't like it when I went out when it was dark though. I don't blame them really, especially where I live. It isn't exactly safe. I clipped the lead onto his collar and opened the door. Lilly meowed at me,
"You coming?" She tilted her head, but leapt out the door. Occasionally, she comes along with us. Which is actually kind of cool, but it doesn't happen every day.


We walked to the park, no-one else was there. The large field of grass seemed to be full though, somehow. I let Cosmo off his lead and he ran around a bit. Lilly trotted by my side as I walked through the grass. It's like having a friend being with these two, but obviously I have other friends, at school.
"Hello?" a voice said. I spun around me, but saw no-one. Just trees and Cosmo running in the distance.
"Who said that? Is anyone there?" my heart started to pump rather heavily. I never have liked knowing someone is watching me and I can't see them. I kept scanning the area, still nothing. I was getting rather worried, but then I dismissed the idea. Maybe I was hearing things. Yeah, that's it. I continued walking, but then I noticed that Lilly wasn't next to me. I knew she would come back in a moment, she's rather loyal for a cat actually.
"It was me," the voice said again.


The voice was for sure a girl, but then I still didn't know whether or not if it was real or in my head. Lilly came back to me, her brown tabby fur shining in the light sunlight. I smiled at her,
"Hey Lilly," I half waved at her. I looked around, but then I heard the voice again.
"Hello," a pair of yellow eyes watching me. The voice came from sharp teeth and a little tongue. It was Lilly's...

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