Last First Kiss ~Niall Horan Love Story~

I'm Justin Bieber's secret sister. Not a secret anymore though. Justin is taking me on tour with him. That was the moment my life changed forever.


9. chapter 8.

That night, Justin and I were not so rudely interrupted by the five boys of . But, there were two reasons making it uncomfortable. The first one being; my brother and I were bonding after, him apologizing. The other; there was all five of them there. Meaning, Niall and Harry were there. 

"Hey guys, wanna join? We're about finished but, we can hang here for a while." I mentally cringed for what my brother had just said. Wasn't I just trying to avoid an awkward situation, for the last few days? And now, he's put me in one.

The five guys all took a seat in the rounded booth. Harry taking a place next to me, making this more awkward. 

Oh god.

All through the night, I watched my brother and friends make conversation. When they tried to include me I gave them a short answer, and they moved on. I had caught Niall glancing at me, not once but like ten other times. I admit I was glancing his way too, but that's something different.

Okay fine, I admit, I wanted to stare at him. But, I can't help it how his face looks in the light in the room. I can't help that his beautiful features are unbearable to look at. I can't help that his eyes are irresistible to look at. And getting lost in them is just impossible. And then, minutes after finally getting agitated from the situation I just informed my brother I was going to bed. 

"Now?" He asked, his voice hinting he didn't exactly want to me leave, but stay here and spend some time with them. As much as I loved my brother, there was no way I was going to do that. 

I shook my head saying I wanted to go get some rest. "Okay then." He says, "Harry, why don't you take her up to her room?" I held in a shocked expression. Of coarse! Why do my actions always get backfired? I don't get it.

First, I thought Justin was only doing that for some odd reason. I don't know. But then, it hit me like a bolder hitting a baby squirrel, as it passes by.


I don't even want to think about that. Why would I even think like that? I love animals. Oh my God. I'm getting distracted again.


It hit me like how I punched that girl in the street. Much better. 

He didn't know what had happened almost two days ago. I looked over at Harry, wanting to see any kind of reaction. A smirk, a grin, a mischievous look. Anything; but nothing of the sorts. He just looked at me then back at Justin and nodded. 

Then a thought came to mind that maybe he'd say something Harry-like once we were alone. 

Again, my thoughts were wrong.

As we were going through the hall I had gotten myself lost in, and into the elevator, no words were exchanged. Not even a eye contact. Or any sort of contact.  Once we got to my hotel room, I got my room key out and pushed it in.

I started opening the door when a rather large hand stopped me. Turning around I saw two green eyes staring at me intently. "I uh-I wanted to apologize about the other day." He said. 

I looked at him and blinked; once, twice, three times. So, he was going to kiss me. I already had my thoughts set clear on that, but in the back of my head- really really back of my head there was something not believing it.  I mean he was a part of the world's most famous boyband, who could have any girl he wanted and he wanted to kiss me. 

I was as always not really paying attention, distracted with my thoughts. Harry's lips were moving, "Wait, what?" I asked him completely dumbfounded.

"I said, I'm sorry. I knew I shouldn't have tried to kiss you." He repeated, taking a deep breathe, "friends?" 

I started to laugh. I may not be experienced with boys- or actually anything, but I found it funny he was apologizing for trying to kiss me. Harry was a guy who mom my would call a gentlemen. I can almost hear her voice telling me how I'm growing up and I would soon be interested in boys. 

"You'll know he really likes you when he doesn't force anything on you that you don't or not ready to do; a real gentlemen."

Then another thought crossed my mind that he really likes me. Or was that just me not knowing absolutely nothing about this kind of things?

I stopped laughing, and nodded, "When did we stop being friends?" I said, smiling up at him, making him chuckle. 

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight." once we said goodnight, I quickly closed the door, jumping onto my bed. I was actually really tired.  I soon cursed mentally at the person knocking at my door. 

But it was no one other than Niall, standing at my door, his hands in my pockets. 

Why? Why? Why?

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