Last First Kiss ~Niall Horan Love Story~

I'm Justin Bieber's secret sister. Not a secret anymore though. Justin is taking me on tour with him. That was the moment my life changed forever.


8. Chapter 7.

[So, like, I didn't have any internet, and couldn't update. And now, I do. YAY! So, this is kind of long.]

Emily's P.O.V.-

"Yes, I know. But, mom, you have to believe me that it wasn't my fault!" I took a deep breathe. I didn't want to raise my voice in any way my mom.

"No. You, have to understand that you are there with your brother. You can't go and hit people on the streets, Emily!" I rolled my Seyes.

Obviously no one ever let me explain anything. And never believed anything I ever said. "Yeah, whatever." I muttered. "Bye." I didn't even wait for her response.

I plopped down on the bed. This was the first time my mom has called me in a while, and she calls to acuse me, just like everybody else!

Who next? A dog on the street?

Where were we?

I seriously don't know. We were driving for hours, then came to a stop at a hotel. The first thing I did was find my room. Good thing, I didn't have to share with anybody. I need to be alone. Forever.

Forever Alone.

Everybody, is still holding a grudge on me. I bet now, even Harry is mad at me. That, I have to admit was my fault.

Well, sort of...

He was the one who tried to kiss me. I didn't say 'Hey Harry why don't you try to kiss me, then I'll leave you hanging.'

I haven't exactly seen anyone. After that little incident with Harry, I locked myself in the bathroom. Then we I felt the bus stop, I immediately, jumped out and got in here. I feel lonely...

I was caught off gaurd, when there was a knock on the door. Who could it be? "Emily?" Maybe if I pretend I'm not here, whoever it is will go away.

"Emily? It's me. Liam." Liam? What's he doing here? Eh, whatever. I went over to the door. Slowly opening. I opened it wide, finding Liam, with his hand in his pockets. He smiled when he saw me. I couldn't return it.

"We're going out to dinner." Oh... "You coming?" I bit my lip. I haven't eaten in a few hours. I shook my head. I really didn't want to go and find myself in the most awkward situation there is.

"Oh, come on. Your brother told me to come get you. You don't want to let him down, do you?" My brother. I gave him a skeptical look. There is no way he sent Liam up here to get me.

"I don't believe you. My brother is mad at me."

"You two, might be fighting, but it doesn't mean he wants you to starve." Hmm. Good point.

I shook my head, once more. "Everyone else is mad at me too. No thanks Liam. I'm not hungry, anyway."

Now, he was the one confused, as I could see. "Everyone isn't mad at you. I'm not. Zayn's not. Harry isn't. I don't know why you're saying everyone is mad at you."

"Niall and my brother are, though. I really don't want to disturb anyone. Thanks anyway Liam. I'll see you areound." And I closed the door. Sighing, I jumped back on the bed.

This should've been on my pros and cons' list.

If i go, Justing could get mad at me, and it will ruin everything.



I got out of my hotel room. I was starving. Yeah, I could just order room service, but I'm starting to feel claustrophobic.


Never have I ever felt claustrophobic. I think thats what happends when you're in a tour bus all day, almost everyday, when you lock yourself in a closet, and stay locked up in a room all day. I guess, it's just like when I was home. Sense I didn't have any friends or...anyone, I didn't go out unless I went with my mom. But other than that, I was stuck in the house all day, everyday.

Those awkward elevator situations, where an old couple walk in, and the man, instead of being with his wife, he starts checking you out, the whole way down.

The elevator dinged, the doors opened, and the lobby was fully exposed to me. I quickly ran out, not wanting to be near that man, whatsoever.

Now, where would I go eat? I didn't feel like going outside--though, I was already outside, my hotel room. Okay, let me rephrase that. I didn't want to go outside, in the streets. There was surely a dining hall here. I just needed to find it.

After walking down a few doors, I still hadn't found it. I was about to give up, and head up to my room, when something caught my eye. My brother was standing a few mear inches from me. What Liam had said to me, I didn't actually believe at all. I still believed he was still, obviously mad at me.

Turning around, ready to make a run for it, his voice stopped me. "Emily?" I cringed. Maybe if he thought I didn't hear him...

Okay, now I was acting silly. Why would I run, if he's the one mad at me? I turned to face him. he had a small nervous smile on his face. "Hey. You have a minute?"

I nodded slowly. He motioned me to follow him through some doors.

Well, now I really felt silly. Behing these doors was the dining hall.

We took a seat in a table near the back. "Emily." I looked up from my menu. "I'm sorry." I blinked once. Twice. Three times. Was he really appoligizing?

I stared at him with a blank expression. "I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. I know you, you're my sister, and you wouldn't do something like that if you didn't have a good reason to. I promise to listen this time."

I took a deep breathe, ready to talk. I began telling him how I asked Niall to take me out, becasue I didn't feel like staying inside, even though, I was sick. When Niall and I got stopped by a bunch of girls. And when that girl came up to me.

Justin knows how sensitive I am. She had ccome up to me, and asked if I was Justin Bieber's sister, and all sorts of other ridiculous questions. Of course she didn't believe me.

"I don't believe you. I bet you're only lying, so he and you can keep hooking up. Selena is way prettier than you. Also, that sob story of you with--whatever is it you have, is a part of your lie. And what now? You're hooking up with Niall and Harry? You little who--" She had said, right before I punched her.

He stared at me with a blank stare. "What? That's what she said?" I nodded. We stayed in silence, then he finally spoke. "Emily. I'm sorry I hadn't listened to you. You know I sometimes jump to conclusions." I smiled.

We were finally okay.

Now, the only thing needing patches, was Niall and I. Well, and Harry too.

Baby steps, Emily. Baby steps.

[Eh, I couldn't come up with anything worse...]

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