Last First Kiss ~Niall Horan Love Story~

I'm Justin Bieber's secret sister. Not a secret anymore though. Justin is taking me on tour with him. That was the moment my life changed forever.


6. Chapter 5.

-Emily's P.O.V.-

"Yeah, I think it's best if you stay here." Justin told me. What? Why? I'm not even that sick!

"No! I'm oka-" Cutting myself off, I started coughing uncontrolably. "See, I'm fine." I croked out. He gave me the 'reall' look. Okay, so maybe I wasn't fine. But, it didn't mean I couldn't go out.

"You're staying here, Emily.' He said sternly. "We'll be back later. Get better." He kissed my cheek, and left. Well then...

Today, out of everyday I've spent on this tour I get sick, when we finally have time to go sight seeing. Why, oh why, must this happen to me? What have I ever done wrong? Was it because I stole Niall's cookie, when he wasn't looking and blamed it on Harry? If it is, I'm sorry. No, no, no. Karma won't let it go that easy.

Why not?

I texted Harry. The text saying 'I'm sorry I blamed you for stealing Niall's cookie, not once, but twice, when it was obviously me.'. Next would be Niall. He would forgive me, right? What's the worst that could happen? The harm was already done to Harry.

'Niall, that time when I told you Harry was he one who stole your cookie, wasn't really him. It was me. I'm Sorry. It was delicious by the way.' I hit send, then sent another one. 'Oh, and it was twice, that I did that...'

Surely, I would be off the hook not, right? No, it didn't work at all. I'm still coughing like a mad woman. I heard the door opening and closing again. It must be one of the boys, who forgot something. Typical boys.

"Emily?" Niall stood right in front of me. A playful smirk on his face. "What's with the weird text?" I just lied there, staring at him. Was it becasue I had no energy, or because I didn't want to say something stupid? Maybe both. "Did you really eat my cookie?" His face became suddenly serious.

Wow, it was only serious when food was related. I rolled my eyes, slightly. "Maybe." I answered him non-chantly.

"You do remember what I did to Harry, right?" I laughed at memory.

Niall had tackled Harry to the floor when Harry claimed it wasn't him. That I was lying, and it was actually me. It's not like Niall actually hurt him. It was just like , if they were play fighting. Wrestling.

Funny how, Niall ignored him for two whole days. "Yeah, but if you're gonna do the same to me, please don't hurt me. I can't fight like Harry, even though he sucks, but I'm a girl."

He laughing, shaking his head. "No, I'm not going to wrestle you. I'm going to....tickle you!" And with a blink of my eye. Niall was on top of me (Not in the dirty way) His hands all over my soft spots (Also not in the dirty way) How did he know where I was ticklish?

"Sto-p it Ni-all. Serio-usl-y I -can-t breat-he."

"You have to promise, never to steal my food again!" Was he serious? Yeah, sure, I didn't have a problem with that, it's just I couldn't breathe, let alone talk. I started nodding my head. "I can't hear you!" I was going to kill him for this later.

"I- p-romi-se-" When he stopped. I took a few moments to catch my breathe. When I had finally regained my posture, he was there smiling innocently at me. I glared at him. "I hate you." I made my way over to the bathroom, to check myself in the mirror. "Gross." I whispered to myself.

I looked horrid. I don't know why, but ever since a few tour started I've been feeling so insecure. I see these beautiful girls surround the boys, that it makes me look at myself and see every flaw on me.

"What's gross?" Niall asked coming up behind me. I shook my head, not wanting him to know. Honestly, I don't know why he keeps wanting to be around me. Ever since the 'magical' roadtrip we took in Texas, we've gone out other times. Sometimes he'll tag along with Harry and I.

Which, is why Harry and I don't hang out a lot. I started talking to Liam more. He's really nice. It's not like the friendship I have with Harry or Niall. Louis too, he's really fun to be around. Again, not like my friendship with Niall or Harry. And Zayn, well, Zayn doesn't talk to me much.

Or,, the other way around? I guess, I don't try to talk to him, but he doesn't either. I think,, he's like me. He likes to keep himself reserved to himself. "Niall, can we go somewhere? I don't want to stay inside."

"Didn't your brother, tell you to stay inside? You're sick." I rolled my eyes. What does he care?

"No, I'm not. See I'm fine. Please?" I tried to give him my best puppy dog eyes. He finally agreed. I didn't even had to try that hard. I have to admit, Niall does almost anything I ask him for. I almost feel bad...


"Oh my god! You're Niall Horan!!" Oh god, not now. And so, it begins. "Can I get a picture, and your autograph." Is all I'm hearing as of now. 

We seriously haven't been out for an hour, and he's already getting recognized. I get, everyone loves him and all, but it just gets frustrating how, evrytime I'm out with him, Harry, or my brother, we don't get any privacy. The perks of being a famous teen idol.

"You're Emily, right? Justin Bieber's little sister." Came a girl with black, shiny hair. I nodded. People do, already know I'm Justin Bieber's sister. It didn't create some big scandal. It only lasted about a few days. And boy, was I glad.

Did I get any hate? I probably would've if I had any way these fan girls could get a hold of me, other than my phone. Although, I know if I did, they would send me some sort of hate. I've read nasty things about famous peoples'  girlfriends on the internet on those gossip things, and most of them seem to be fake.

Like the story they did on my brother cheating on his girlfriend. As, I said it's not true. And, even if I'm not some celebrity's girlfriend, people they're rumoured to be with them still get hate. Even though, they're just friends. So, either way I'd still get hate.

I'm not getting a twitter an time soon. Or ever.

The girl who came up to me, was asking me all sorts of questions. As if, she was investigating a murder, and I was the main suspect. I denied all the ones that weren't true,of coarse. Like if I was dating Harry or Niall or any of them.

Sometimes in life the really bitchy girl in your life, who creates drama is blonde. That's just a stereotype. How could she say that? She had really pissed me off.

I've taken crap from so many people in the past and I'm really tired of it. I had socked her right in the nose. Niall had backed away from the group of girls, who were all staring at me with bewildered eyes. he took me by the arm, taking us in the car.

He didn't talk to me or anything. He ignored me, when I was trying to explain myself.

This tour really has changed me.




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