Last First Kiss ~Niall Horan Love Story~

I'm Justin Bieber's secret sister. Not a secret anymore though. Justin is taking me on tour with him. That was the moment my life changed forever.


5. Chapter 4.

Emily's P.O.V.-

Seeing the thing of going out somewhere unexpected with someone you just met a few weeks ago, seems crazy, right? For all you know he could be a cereal killer. A rapist. Or a rapist cereall killer. But, I think I'd know by now if Nial was either a cereal killer, rapist, or both.

And, when you feel that special sonnection when you're with somebody? Yeah, I feel that. I have barely spoken to him at all. Maybe I should've or else he wouldn't have thought that I didn't like his presence. That was uncanning. It's that I do, like his presence, and that's my problem. I don't know how to deal with boys.

"So, where are we going?" I asked lifting the silence that was halted upon us, as soon as we left the hotel we were staying at.

"Somewhere magical." Magical? We're in Texas right now. Now, I have never been anywhere that wasn't the grocery store, my backyard, and a few other places with my mom. But, I didn't think, no I know theres wasn't 'magic' in Texas. I think the only magical place I've been to is Seaworld. Pretty neat, right?

No, not really. There's nothing more fun than going to Seaworld with your mom. Especially at the age of 15. When all she's doing is making you stand in front of the tank full of fish taking pictures that I looked ridiculoud in.

I had to wear braces, and got them off last year. She made me show them off, of coarse. I know I didn't have any friends I could be embarrased by them seeing those pictures, but still. I would not want to do that to my children. Or maybe I just say that, because I'm a kid right now, but when I get older I might do those kinds of things.

Good luck to my future children.


I started cracking up. "What-is-this-?" I asked in between laughs. When Niall says 'somewhere magical' don't believe him. He's lying.

"Oh, come on. It's not magical to you?" I shook my head rapidly. We were at a gas station. Where was the magic in that? I know he was kidding when he said 'somewhere magical', but a gas station? Seriously?

I don't see the fun in that. Was this his way of making a joke? I would rather be home with my mom at Seaworld. I controlled my laughter to die down, raising an eyebrow at him. He couldn't be serious, could he?

"Really?" He couldn't be, because then he started laughing. I rolled my eyes, getting back in the car, leaving Niall outside still laughing uncontrolably. He finally regained his posture.  "It wasn't that funny." I told him.

He cleared his throat, ready to speak. "I know. But we really do need to get gas." He walked back outside, paying and refilling the gas tank.

"Okay, where are we going now? We've been driving for hours, going too absolutely nowhere. And don't say somewhere magical. If this is your idea of magical, I don't want to know what else you think is magical." He laughed--his amazing laugh, I should say, buckling up again.

"Just sit back and enjoy the scenery." I furrowed my eyebrows.

"You're starting to act like Zayn." He shrugged it off. I was starting to notice exactly how Niall was. As, I have been trying to be away from him-yet close at the same time to him.


His blue, beautiful eyes that lit up whenever he laughed.

His laugh that was contagious, no matter what.

His amazing smile.

The way his hair went naturally-- I have to admit, I always felt like running my fingers through it...

His personality.

His--just everything about him made my tummy flutter.

Okay, now I'm ranting to myself. "What are you staring at?" His voice came out... teasingly. I think I might have been staring for, far too long.


"Wha- nothing. Just doing what you told me-- enjoying the scenery." I stopped looking at him and focused my attention outside the window.


Several hours later, we were back at the hotel.

Where we went?

Nowhere. We just drove around, making lame jokes along the way-- well he made lame jokes along the way, while I laughed at how lame they were. 

"Great, you guys are back. Niall you need to get ready. Emily-- you just stay put." Once we saw everyone they were already getting ready for the show. It was just like the first day, everyone was running around giving and recieving orders, while I did nothing but stand in the middle of the backstage area.

Niall went off to change. I would go get dressed, but whatevr. It's not like I was going to be seen by anyone outside. The stadium where the show was beign held was already getting full. I yelped at my sides being poked.

"What the- Harry!" I ru my sides. God, how I hated him doing that. He always laughed at my reaction, it was always the same painful reaction, yet, he still found it amusing.

"Hey." He said casually. As if he hadn't just done that. "So, where did you and Niall run off too?" I shrugged.

"Nowhere. Here, there, everywhere." I told him nonchantly. By the way he was looking at me, he didn't buy it. Also by the way he said 'uh huh'. If he didn't believe me, then that's his problem. I don't know why he didn't believe me, I had no reason to lie to him, anyway.

Even if we didn't actually go anywhere, we bonded. I was glad, now that he doesn't think I didn't like him. That would've been a nightmare to know, if we hadn't done this today, and I had found out some other way.

Once again, I was alone.

Throughout the show, I had my eyes on one person only. Niall.

He gave some glances back at me and smiled everytime. When he needed to change for the next showing he smiled at me along the way. If, by chance the way I felt was something unexpected, I didn't think to myself would happen-- I actually don't know what would happen.

I just hope we're friends as of now. That's enough for me.

Sorry I haven't updated. I've had really bad writers block--as you can see from this chapter. I'm getting back, though.
I've also been busy and/or doing nothing due to my stupid writers block. I skipped school today and stayed home, so I thought 'why not try to update something?' So yeah.
Please bear with me. Writers block is very stressing for me and I hate it with such a passion!

If there is by any chance a mistake in something or my spelling is bad, I'm sorry. I am too lazy to even go through it twice,
and I tend not to notice them. Also, my laptop is retarded and doesn't have auto-correct. Which is so stupid. What kind of laptop doesn't' have auto-correct? Or maybe it's me...
Maybe there is but I haven't found how to use it on this...?

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