Last First Kiss ~Niall Horan Love Story~

I'm Justin Bieber's secret sister. Not a secret anymore though. Justin is taking me on tour with him. That was the moment my life changed forever.


2. Chapter 1.

-Emily's P.O.V-

"Wake up! We have to go!" Someone was shaking me awake. I groaned, but then remembered what day it was. I was going on tour with Justin! I threw all the covers up, I hit however was trying to wake me up. 
"Oh my god! Justin I'm so sorry!" 
"It's fine. You're excited huh?" I nodded. I really was Yesterday I wasn't so sure, but now I couldn't wait to go. I changed, brushed my hair, brushed my teeth- of coarse, and gathered all of my stuff. 
"I'm going to miss you so much honey!" Mom gushed. I smiled at her.
"Me too mom." She smiled warmly at me, gave me one last hug, and kiss before we left. After we were finished with our good-byes, Justin, and I headed of to the airport. Once we got to the airport I could see it was packed. People shouting everywhere. We got out of the car, and I was instantly blinded by flashing cameras. 
"Justin Justin! Who's this?"
"Who is she?"
"Is she your girlfriend?"
Oh god, why would they think I'm his girlfriend? 

This was my first time on a plane, and I was a little nervous. I guess Justin noticed, he squeezed my hand for insurance. I looked up at him, he was looking down at me smiling, I smiled back.  
"Is it always that crazy out there?" I asked 
"Yeah, but you get used to it." I laughed.
"No. There is no way I could get used to that." He chuckled and shrugged. 

I was going to use this time to get some sleep, sense I didn't really get much. You'd think I would want to stay up through the whole ride, considering it's my first time, but no. I rather be asleep. I'm so lazy, I know. And I'm proud of it! 


"Em. Em. Emily!" I groaned. Not again. "Em. Wake up we're about to land." I slowly fluttered my eyes open. Justin was still right beside me. "Good, you're awake." 
"Yeah. Thanks to you." He grinned. I rolled my eyes playfully. He knew I loved my sleep. I looked out the window, and surely enough we were about to land. I couldn't help but smile. There was a weird thing in my stomach as we flew down. I don't what that's supposed to be. 

When we got off their was security waiting for us. They had already grabbed our luggage. All we had to do is get to the car safely. I guess those are the perks of being famous. We took longer than I expected to get to the car. There was more girls than the previous airport, I guess because we left pretty early. I had never been in America. Canada has always been my home, and now I'm going to be on the road with my brother. 
It was hard to believe it. Justin stopped to sign a few autographs, and pictures. I just stood in the sidelines, waiting for him. This was really awkward I still heard those questions I heard before.

Who is that?

Is that his new girlfriend?

Ew. Just no. He's my brother, nothing else. I did see some girls give me dirty looks. They didn't even know who I am! They don't even know my name! It's so stupid they can instantly hate me by just glancing at me, because I'm with my brother. Some girls were even trying to get at me, good thing security was there. I also did feel uncomfortable, and claustrophobic. Being surrounded by many people isn't my thing.  

"Wow. Now that was even more insane." I breathed out once we were safely to the car. 
"Yeah, but I love my fans." I nodded. He was great. He dedicated so much to them. "Oh I almost forgot. We're not going on tour alone, like in just you and I. A band, One Direction, they'll be touring with us for most of the tour. They're great lads. They'll come to my house next week so we can start off with a show at the Staples center. For this week  we can just relax, if Scooter doesn't have any plans for me." 
"Okay. Sounds like a plan." I said.

But... Who is One Direction?





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