Last First Kiss ~Niall Horan Love Story~

I'm Justin Bieber's secret sister. Not a secret anymore though. Justin is taking me on tour with him. That was the moment my life changed forever.


1. Prologue.


"Mom, are you sure this is the right thing? I mean she doesn't like the attention. If she goes, she'll be in the spotlight." Justin said to my mom.

They were arguing- or discussing, however you want to put  it. If I should go on tour with him. I don't even know if I want to. He's right.
I don't like being in the spotlight. It scares me, you might say. I just hate all the attention. That is one of the reasons no one knows
about me. I'm a secret to the world.  None of Justin's fans know about me. I would probably get hate. I don't think I could  deal
with that. Scratch that, I know I wont be able to deal with it. That's why I get home schooled. A few years back I got bullied. 

I have dyslexia, so my mom thought it'd be best if I got home schooled. I like it better. I didn't talk to anyone either. Due to my
lack of communication, they thought it would be best if people didn't know about me. For someone who has dyslexia, I'm pretty 
smart. Not to be bragging or anything. 

"Yes, I know Justin. But please, I think she needs this. Getting involved with other people. Do you want her to stay 
in this house for the rest of her life?" So was it about me getting 'involved with people' or she just wants to get rid of me? 

I heard him sigh. "Yeah, I guess it could work. But only if she wants to yeah?" 

"Emily! Get over here please!" I stood up from my spot on the stairs, and went quietly up. Once up, I went down them making each 
step make a thump sound, that way they wouldn't know I was ease dropping on them.

"Yes mom?" I acted totally clueless. 

"Your brother and I though it'd be best for you to go on tour with him." She started 

"Only if you want to of coarse. We're not making you do anything you don't want." Justin added. What did I want to do? 
They were giving me a choice, but I didn't know what to do. I haven't seen Justin in a long time, he barely comes home. He
lives in California, in the US. 

"I uh-I'm not sure..." I said truthfully. 

"It's okay. You have until later. Justin leaves tomorrow in the afternoon. You can go back to your room." I nodded. 
I looked at Justin, he smiled at, I smiled back, and went to my room. 


It's been a few hours since they proposed me if I wanted to tag along with my brother. I've been thinking about it, very intently.
I haven't made up  my mind yet. I've been balancing out the pros and cons. 

If I go I get to be with Justin.

If I stay I'll probably never leave.

If I go people will know about me.

If people know about me, they'll talk about me.

If they talk about me, I wont know for sure what they're saying.

If I go I'll most likely get hate. 

If I don't go I wont see Justin for who knows how long. 

If I go, Justin would be busy, he probably wont even have time for me. 

If I don't go I'll be in the same position I am now, wondering all the 'what ifs'

I'll have fun there. 

I'll meet new people, interact.

But what if they don't like me? 

What if they think I'm ugly?


What if
Knock. Knock.

"Come in!" I called out. Justin came in, I stood up in sitting position. I smiled at him. "Hey."

"Hey, so have you made up your mind? It'll be good for you. We get to travel with each other. Haven't you always wanted to 
travel? Having me would be a bonus." He gave me a cheeky smile. I rolled my eyes. But he is right I've always wanted to travel.
Having him around would be a bonus. "I really want you to come. So what do you say?" He have me a hopeful smile. 

"Yes." I grinned. 

"Yay!" He cheered. "Okay get packing we're leaving tomorrow!" He left me to pack.  I smiled.

I would get to be with my brother.


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