The Haunted

"Death is a very dull, dreary affair, and my advice to you is to have nothing whatsoever to do with it."


3. Chapter Two:The return

2 months later..........................

 "That will be 10,350 dollars miss, for your loan." The banker said.(A/N:If you havent noticed I didnt introduce the main characters name yet. 1. I wanted it to be a mystery and 2. I havent come up with a name yet. lol.Starts with a J. If you read the first chapter.)

'Yes, thank you." I relied back. She did all the processing and handed me back my card. My money was all set.

The lady laughed I jumped." I remember those college days, wild parties, the last minute papers, and especially all the young boys." Ofcourse she was old.

I let out a faint laugh."Yes, yes thats nice. Uh I have to go." I left her desk and started walking towards the door.

"Bye sweetie, have a nice day." I heard her say before the door slammed.

Ok this money has got to cover me for the next semester. School has gotten real tough. I havent been putting my head in the books lately. I dont go to parties no more. I hardly leave my dorm room. At night I keep having the same nightmare over and over. The one when I hear her screams. The terrifying look in her eyes when I let go of her hand.Ive never gotten any proper sleep since then.

Its been exactly 2 months since my best friend Samantha Parks died. They havent found her body yet but its out there somewhere. Sams parents were devastated to hear that their daughter had fell off a cliff. Even worse that I was there. Her parents felt that It was part of my fault. I even felt so sometimes. Surprisingly I wasnt  taken into questioning with the police. Since Sams body was never found there was no funeral. The search for her body was useless. No one was able to out to sea because of the ocean current.And no one was allowed to go beach, not like anyone was going to be there. People taught the place was haunted.

I stepped in my dorm and threw my bag to the side letting out a sigh.  I took a look around the room. I have no roommate. Wanna know why. Because of Samantha. But I could feel her presence in here..Im  alone here at college. I have no friends. I used to have great social life since I arrived to Marylin University. But After that incident everything fell apart in my life. 

I walked towards the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My face looked horrible. They were scratches under my eyes. My dreams were more like nightmares. I would sometime wake up with scratches all over my face and legs, but they would disappear 2 days later. This would always happen. Samantha would always haunt my dreams, making me have sleepless nights. Some nights I would force myself not to sleep. She would always say the same thing over and over.She would scream in my face saying."This is all your fault. You let them do this to me. You let me die." Then it would end with me falling off the cliff. I looked at the long scar running down my right arm. I was a horrible site to  see. I would always cover it up with long sleeved shirts.

I woke up late this morning. Classes start at 8am and I knew I wasnt gonna make it in time. I never do. It was close to 9 and I was and hour late. Whatever. I looked at myself in the mirror and the scar was on my face. Well time to cover it up with makeup. Thats weird I didnt have that "Nightmare" lastnight. While slept it was just blank. I slept peacefully but I was still late for class.

I put on a pair of random sweat pants and shirt and picked up my bag and ran off to class. When I bust in the classroom, all eyes were on me as usual. I looked around the room ignoring the teacher and took a seat all the way in the back. Far, far away from everyone. I took out a book and pen and started taking down notes. About 5 mins into class, I noticed a person I havent seen in the pass 2 months. Zoey. I wonder where Beatrice is. So if I do see her I could rip her head off.I froze.

The whole night replayed in head. Everything from Zoey putting the blind fold over Samanthas eyes to Beatrice pushing us so Sam could fall over the cliff. I felt like it was my fault, If I hand convinced her on coming to the beach none of this wouldnt have ever happened. I tapped my pencil quickly as a wave of guilt washed over me.

"Stop tapping that pencil." My professor yelled. Everyone turned there head including Zoey. Her eyes caught mine and she tossed me a wink.

"Uh, sorry." Everyone went back to work. Except Zoey. She kept staring at me. Giving the evilest glare I've ever seen. I started to panic. What if she comes after me. Cause That night I remembered her saying "They're mad at us. We have to leave." My thoughts on that was just a mystery. I had no idea who they were talking about. Were they worshiping gods or something. The whole bonfire and the dagger had set off a whole point of view to me.There was also something involved with that book Beatrice was holding that night.

Beatrice and her crew were missing for the whole 2 months. Until now. I wonder where she was. Roc and his boys would appear every thursdays of the week. The rest of the week they were gone. No trace of them. Call me a stalker but I wanted to know what they were up to. So far nothing.

The bell rung and I had my second class. I saw Zoey ran full speed out the room. and I was right behind her. My body shook up and I ran after with full speed. My adrenaline was pumping. When she hit the first flight of stair I pulled her hair making her fall to the ground. She let out a scream.

"Listen I need answers. Where Beatrice." I poked her in the head with every word.

"L-l-ook I dont know wh-where she is."

"You liar. Tell me where she is Or I wont hurt you." I grabbed her hair tighter. I dont know what go into me but I was full with anger. I was outraged.

She let out a laugh."You. Hurt me. Ha thats never gonna happen."

"Just answer that damn question." I yelled. I grabbed her hair even tighter. I saw her tracks had started to come out from the braids in her head.

"Alright. Alright. Just let go of my hair." She cried out. I let go and threw her head against the step and she screamed."Fuck." she yelled out.

"Talk." I said sternly.

She got up from the floor and rubbed her head."I haven't seen Beatrice ever since that night. I left the beach without her and I haven't seen her since."

So Zoey had no idea Samantha died. And Beatrice went missing. Not quite.

I heard a voice talk in my head. What the??I focused my attention back to Zoey.

"Im not finished with you." I said before I walked doors from the stairwell. I didnt bother looking back at her.My body relaxed and I returned back to class.

Once the day was over, it was pitch black dark outside. It looked like a storm was coming. I had no idea what got into me back there with Zoey. As far as I knew I didnt want answers. I wanted to put the whole death of Samantha far back in my mind. But it was hard doing that when She haunted my dreams every night. Once she did that every night I knew something was up with Beatrice and her crew. But she was missing so I couldnt do anything about it. But Once I saw Zoey today, Something took over me and I just lost control on her. I needed to find Beatrice and fast.

I walked down the hall towards my door room. I pulled out my keys and turned the lock. I walked in the the dorm room and turned around the close the door behind me. I took a deep  breath and turned around. I screamed as I came face to face with Samantha. Blood was all over her body. She had on the same uniform she wore to the beach that night and it was all ripped up. I closed my eyes hoping that this was the normal nightmare I had every night. But I knew it wasnt cause she took me by my hair and flung me across the dorm room, hitting my head in the process. I still had my eyes closed, afraid to see that horrifying face of hers. I finally opened my eyes and her face was right in front of me. She grinned.

"S-s-Samantha." That was all I could get out my mouth before everything went black.


What will happen next....................................??

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