The Haunted

"Death is a very dull, dreary affair, and my advice to you is to have nothing whatsoever to do with it."


4. Chapter Three: Revenge?

I eyes started to flutter open trying to get my vision clear, but I couldnt see anything. Pure darkness. I couldnt feel my body. I felt like I was floating on thin air. I even tired moving my body but it was no use, felt like I was being pressed down by a 250 pound weight. The pain in my body was unbearable. I tired like screaming, but no words came out.

My last memory that I remembered was Samantha slamming my head in the wall. Samantha.Wait is she alive?Could it be possible that she could have survived the fall. It couldnt be true. The horrifying look on her face was so surreal. I couldnt believe my eyes when I first saw her appear. But next thing I knew my head was being banged against the wall. I felt blood gush out of it. I could of sworn my skull had cracked. My head my a hole in the wall, she hit me that hard.

I closed my eyes and tired to reopen them again, this time I saw my room but I was no sign of Samantha. I was on the floor and all I saw was a pool of blood on the floor. I suddenly felt light headed, like I was gonna pass out anytime soon. I needed to get help and fast. Trying to scream wasnt an option for me. The second I started to crawl towards the door I felt 2 pairs of hands wrapped around my neck, lifting my off the ground in the process. I immediately started to fight back, but it was no use I was already lifted while my legs dangled in the air.

Samantha turned around facing me while she was still holding my neck. I held my breath and closed my eyes at the sight of her face. I couldnt stand looking at it. It was so horrifying. Her face was filled with patches of ripped skin, that her bones were showing. Her eyes were popping out of her socket, filled with a color of rosewood red. The blood was pouring out of her eyes, like she was crying. But the madding look on her face told me otherwise. Her hair was a dusty brown. Samantha was basically a living zombie/ghost with powers.

I hadnt realize my eyes were still closed and I didnt even realize was speaking.

"Afraid to look." She said in a calm yet stern voice.Her voice was raspy/

Her voice sounded so different, but I still recognize it. Struggling to get open my eyes, yes I was scared to look, but I had to cause she started to squeeze my neck even tighter. My eyes sprung open. I took a good look at her attire. Her close were torn up. I look down at her legs, they looked like they were slowly disintegrating. I clould be able to she her flesh and her bones. Her hands were in the same situation. My eyes slowly but carefully looked at her face.

"Take a good look at it cause it isnt going any where. Wanna know why my body is like this. Its all your fault." She looked directly in my eyes and yelled with anger." Yours. Yours and those other fools that you were with."

I struggle to speak. Stammering on words." Sam I didnt mean for this to happen to you. Im sorry."

She tightened her grip around my neck once more the released throwing me across the room. I was surprised I didnt die yet. Once again my head made an impact against the wall.

"Well you should be fucking sorry. Your the reason Im in this situation." She walked over and stood over me.

I coughed up some blood and told her this question thats been on my mind ever since I got thrown across the room. "Are you even alive?'

"Technically im in the the middle.Something like heaven and hell but not really. The people who were part responsible for my death, are apart of this group-."

'Thats Beatrice and her gang. Whats the group about." I said interrupting her.

She closed her eyes, and I could still see through them. Disgusting. I shivered.

"Shut the fuck up and let me talk." I nodded quickly and let her finish. I really didnt want my head getting smashed into a wall again.

"Its more like a society and they worship some god. But im not getting into that right know. That night when I was killed, I wasnt really chosen to be in there sorority at all.They were really sacrificing me to there leader." She got and walked to the window.

Her voice cracked."Turns out I was killed by the wrong person. My best friend that I trusted for my entire life. You couldve saved m-."

I picked my head up from the floor." Sam I didnt mean for it to happen."

She turned around with blood running down her cheeks."Shut up." She spat." I thought I trusted you. I knew I should have never went to that stupid party. Listening to you was the dumbest mistake I ever made."

Hearing her go all emotional on me was causing the guilt to rise up in me. Samantha knows I didnt mean for anything to happen. But what was I suppose to do When I had my own life at stake. I really wasnt gonna die that night. But I had a choice.

She wiped her cheeks quickly and laughed."Well all of that doesnt matter now does it. All those dreams you were having was a sign that I was gonna pay you a visit. And now that Im here I need you to commend on something for me. Actually You dont have a choice you have to do it." She stepped towards me and picked my up by my neck and started to choke me to death.

"Are you gonna do it." She said holding my neck tighter. Her were nails digging through my neck while I was struggling to get free. It was no use She was stronger than me. This was it. I felt my body going weak on me. I think Sam is really about to kill me.

I closed my eyes and my lips trembled as I spoke." Sam Please."

She grinned and dropped me on the floor."Thats not even half of the pain I feel everynight. Everynight since I died, my body would pain. Each night I pieces of my skin would fall off. I would just cry as I watched my skin fall of my bones. It was painful. This is why I need to to stop this from happening to me. The more they stay alive, the more the constant pain it causes to my body. Thats why I haunt you in your sleep. So you could feel the pain I felt every night."

She backed up a little and spoke loud and clear." I need you to kill them. Every single one of them. I dont care if there missing. Take your every might to find them. Your the only one that could save me and finally I could rest in peace. She laughed a little." Finally."

"Im not doing your dirty work for you." I said as I tried to get up from the floor.

She smirked." See you dont even have a choice. You have to."

"What if I say no."

"Then I would have to break every fucking bone in your body. The pain I caused you today wasnt even half the pain I could do to you if you say no." She closed her eyes and her hair glowed.

She sighed in annoyance.

"I dont have the time to stand here and wait." She said as she ran her hand through her hair.

"I dont wanna kill anyone Sam. Thats just wrong." I screamed.

She yelled back."But you killed me without hesitation. Remember Beatrice was the one who pushed you causing me to fall. Think about that. The other poeple who were there were just apart of it than Beatrice was. You have two choices. kill all of them or you die instead." She bent down to my level and picked my head up.

I started to cry. Tears started to pour down my face. I dont know why I was crying, maybe because my head was bleading out from my head, or the fact that she was gonna kill me cause I didnt want to do what she asked me to.

"Think about it besfriend. You have a choice just like you did to me that night. I also have a choice. I just wanna rest in peace." She laughed."Or so I think. Just think about it. Ok." She patted my cheek and started to walk towards the window.

I kind felt sorry for her. For her to rest in peace I had to kill people. I really didnt seem like the killing type. But I kind of felt like I was forced to do this. But Did have a choice. But Sam made it so hard. It was my life or kill the people who cause her pain. I noticed she wasn't hurt physically but emotionally. Sam was always a sweet and shy girl she wouldn't hurt a fly. And the look on her face now was just painful to see. I also noticed it was partly my fault why she in her predicament right now. So I did what I had to do.

"Sam." I called out. I struggled to get up,that's when she waved her hand causing me to rise up from the floor.i stood up floating in the air.Her back was facing me.

"speak." she said.

I took a deep breath,afraid of the situation I was gonna get myself into.

"I'll do it." I paused and waited for her reaction but her hands her still in the air holding me up.

"I'll kill them. I'll kill them so you could rest."

I let out a breath and sighed. Hopefully that's all I would be doing for her.

She let me go so i could drop to the floor."good." she started to walk towards to the window once more then stopped."Tomorrow Thursday and I know you know Roc and his boys are gonna be here. And I know you wouldn't want to pass up on that opportunity."

Before I could get another word out she had already disappeared out the window.

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