The Haunted

"Death is a very dull, dreary affair, and my advice to you is to have nothing whatsoever to do with it."


2. Chapter One:Where it all began

That one summer night I wont forget. That memory of her terrified screams echoed my ears. Its been exactly 2 months since my Best friend Samantha Parks had died. We've been best friends since I cant even remember. We did exactly everything together. From shopping to eating together. We even went on double dates together. Our boyfriends would get tired of us always being together. I laughed at the thought. Samantha and I had plans in high school to attend the same college together and become big time lawyers or ceos of our own company. We always dreamed big.

When we graduated high school,both of us got accepted to the same college. Marylin University. We were so excited. Well I was. Samantha has always been the shy type. Shes not really social like ever since high school I was the one who would always encourage her to go out and be free. But not too free.

Well in colleges there was always sorority. Sisters that always look out for eachother. Boy I was wrong. I convinced Samantha to pledge with me. As always she said no But I had to throw in my famous peep talks. And it worked.

"Its gonna be a new experience for me. I mean both of us. Its gonna be lots of fun trust me."I dragged her out the of our dorm room.


"Nope I dont wanna hear no buts.We are  both in college  time to try new things." I explained."Hot boys are gonna be there. and that also includes Roc and his boys." I threw in a wink.

She took her hands out my tight grasp and gave a stern look. I gave her my sweet smile I always put on.

"Please Sam. Beatrice the head sister is having a bon fire. And we are doing our pledges first then the bon fire." I gave her my best pleading look I could poking my lips out.

Her face relaxed."A bon fire huh." She crossed her arms. I nod my head.

I bit my lip."Did I mention theres Roc is gonna be there there." I added in.

Her face finally relaxed" Okay fine.She walked over to her closet to pick out something to wear.

"Oh and you have to wear your uniform." I said. I heard her groaned and I smiled.

We were on our way towards the bon fire/our pledging party. It was far out by the woods we had to walk further to get towards the beach. Huge pointy rocks surrounded the bottom of the cliff where you can see water splashing on the rocks. and there wasnt really alot of people there. There was Beatrice,Briella, Zoey and three other girls there. There was also Roc, Prodigy, Princeton Ray Ray and two other boys there.

This was a really small party. I would have thought I would have been larger.

Samantha clutched onto my arms."You said this would be fun." She whispered in my ear while we walked towards the small crowd.

"At least we're here right. Oh look theres Roc." I dragged her over towards Rocs direction. Sam have always told me ever since she stepped on the campus she knew Roc was gonna be the one for her. She said and quote"It was like love at first sight. We're meant  to be together." I just laughed at her. But her confidence level was really low. Everyone had cups in there hands, probably filled with Beer.

"Hey Roc, what are you doing at a pledging party." I asked them.Clearly I was forming conversation. I knew.I held Samantha's hand in mines. Her eyes looked directly at the floor and never left that spot.

"Well you know we were special guest here." He looked at Samantha's direction."Hey, how come Ive never seen you on campus."

She didnt respond so I shoved her sides."Huh, who me. I've been busy so I dont have time to socialize."

"Yeah, well you should show that beautiful face around more."

Damn that got her blushing crazy. He touched her hands and I think that was my que to go.
Once I left I searched for Beatrice. She was over with the other sorority girls talking. I saw some of them gathering sticks to set up the fire. Beatrices back was faced towards me.

"Hey Beatice." I said with alot of enthusiasm in my voice.I tapped her on the shoulder.Beatrice had blazing pink hair that was very noticeable. No wonder she has all the attention she wanted. Her eyes were quiet big and she has braces in her teeth but she never smiles.

She turned quickly whipping her pink hair."Uh, hey, um whats your name again."

I lowered my eyes." My names is-."

"Yo Bea, I got the stuff." I turned around and saw Zoey holding up a black bag.

Beatrice snatched the bag out of Zoeys hands."YES. Thanks Zoey. Could you go get everyone around the fire."

Zoey left to call everyone.I saw Beatrice walk towards the cliff and I followed.

"You dont know how im so excited for this." I said.

She peered over the cliff."Yeah me too." She moved closer towards the cliff.

"Beatice I think you should move from there." I warned her.

She smirked"What do you think Im stupid enough to jump." She laughed and walked over to the bon fire.

Everyone was surrounded around the fire. The fire got larger and larger by the second as they threw trash and so on in it.

Beatrice pulled out a big book out the bag. It was old and dusty. "Tonight we are here to celebrate our two new sisters. Samantha Parks and J-"

"Bea we dont have all night." Zoey interrupted her speech.

She laughed."Please will you two step forward." The small crowd applauded.

Both of us stepped hand in hand.

"We soo glad that you guys decided to join our Sorority.In honor of your appearance, Zoey could you please bring the blind fold and tie up her hands." Zoey nodded and reached in the bag for the blind fold.

A blind fold?

I rose me hands."Sorry but Bea I thought we were just gonna say the special pledge and then when were done we party." I protested.

She let out another laugh."Yes this is a part of the ignition." She pulled out the blind fold and Zoey stepped behind Sam. Sam held my hand tight.
She gave Zoey the Signal and aggressively put the blind fold on Samanthas eyes. She immediately  let go off my hands and tried to fight Zoeys hand off of her.

"Tell your friend to relax. We do this with all the new sisters." Beatrice  said with chills in her voice. She walked towards the cliff and she signaled Zoey to follow. I raced towards her.

"And what I exactly is that." I asked alittle worried.

"Zoey and The rest of you come on." She peered over the cliff smiling. Sam started squirming around calling out for out my name.

As soon as I was about to go after Zoey. A pair of huge hands held me back.

"Boys take her from Zoey and hold her still." Beatrice ordered the 2 other boys to hold down Samantha. They took her over the cliff and leaned her forward.

I screamed."Why are you doing this. Let go off me." I yelled.

Beatrice waved her hands signaling the boy behind me to cover my mouth. I screamed as loud as I can over his dirty mits. Theres was no possible way no one could hear us. we were far out in the distance.

Samantha screamed for help. She had no idea what was going on. I looked over and I saw Beatrice pulled out a small knife out the bag. I started to get really scared. My heart was pounding fast and I felt like it was gonna bounce out my chest.

"Roc let her go." Beatrice ordered him.

I fell to the ground. I ran towards Beatrice tackled her on the floor. She screamed and told to get me off her. I tried to get the knife in her hand but I was to late they had pulled me off of her.

"You wanna play bad huh." She fired one hard slap to my cheek. I fell to the floor. There was no way I was gonna let them kill my best friend.

"This test is a sign of trust and stability. To see if shes strong enough. See you two were pick from thousand of girls that wanted to be in this "Sorority". Its only two off you so the book says we have to choose one. And we choose you. And guess what you have to do J-"

The sound of a loud thunder roared in the distance. Little droplets of rain started to fall front the Sky. And every passing minute it got worse and the rain started to fall heavier.The huge bon fire was put out by the swirling rain

"This is not how its suppose to happen." Beatrice growled."Their mad at us. Zoey hand me the bag. Lets get this over with." Who was she talking about? She ran over to to Samantha and go into position to stab her. Thats when I dashed towards Beatrice and tackled her on the floor fighting her with all my might. I kept punching her inthe face. I gripped her arms and tried to get the knife out her hands. There was no use she was stronger that me. She lifted her arms up and slashed the side of my arms. I screamed as blood started to gush out the side of my arms.

"UGH, get off of me. Help me Zoey." Bearice screamed as I kept firing punches on her face with my good arm. She threw the knife but Zoey didnt catch it.

Another lighting blot flashed and Zoey started to back up.

"What are you doing. Zoey pick the the fucking up and kill that bitch." Beatrice yelled with ice in her voice. Zoey flinched at Beatirces horried voice.

"Its too late. We cant complete the task. We have to go." Zoey yelled back. The rain was pouring down now. The wind started blowing the trees forcefully.

Samantha kept screaming and she kept moving even closer to the edge. She had no idea where she was going.

Everyone ran as fast as they could. Samantha was left there standing close to edge. It was only me Beatrice and Samantha. I quickly got off of Beatrice and ran over to get Samantha away from the cliff. I held the cut on my arm cause it was bleeding too much. I groaned in pain. Shit I was losing to much blood.

 I ran over to her and took the blind fold. I saw tears flowing down her cheeks I could tell she was terrified.I hugged her."Oh Sam. Dont worry I'll fuck those bitches up for you. You'll see." She smiled.

"Turn around so I could untie your hands." She turned around facing the ocean. It was still pouring like crazy. It was pitch black. I could hardly see anything. I finally loosed out the rope.Sam turned around and when she turned around, her feet slipped on a rock on the edge of the cliff. As soon as I was gonna catch her, Beatrice pushed me hard enough so Samantha could fall over the cliff.

 I grasped on to her hand as half of my body hung off the cliff. Samanthas Body dangled as she screamed out in terror. I looked back and I noticed Beatrice was no where in site. OH god please help me. Please. I prayed as I tried to pull Samanthas Body off the cliff.

She kept on screaming." Please, Please help."

"Im Trying Sam." I yelled. I pulled her with all the strength that I have in my body. I screamed out in pain as Samantha clawed my hand that had the huge slash beatrice gave me earlier. The cut was hudge on my arms. "Samantha stop." I yelled again.'

She started crying." I dont wanna die, I dont wanna die."

I kept pulling and pulling. But there was no use. Theres was no way I had that much strength in me to pull her. My arms were to weak. The rain made so much harder for me. I also was sliping cause of the mud. I couldnt let her die. I just couldnt. Samantha let out a piercing scream. Tears started pouring down my face. The pain was too bearable, I had closed my eyes. I felt her arms slowly slipping from my tight grip. Thats when I opened them.

There was only one thing to do. I had to let her go. I had no choice. Its either both of us die or She dies. I took a deep breath.

"Im sorry." I mouthed to her. I saw the fear in her eyes. I couldn't do it. So I closed my eyes again and I released her into the rocky abyss.All I heard was that one final high pitched scream. I couldnt see this so I moved from the cliff. As soon as I heard a loud splash The rain immediately stopped falling and I broke down and cried. 

I cant believe what just happened my best friend is gone. Samantha Parks is dead and gone.

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