The Little book of big Dreams

Hi Everyone !!!! This is about all about your wildest dreams. Comment below and tell me your name and your wildest dream, and I (will try) to make it come true.


3. For Kiera.Cullen

I took a deep breath. This was it, my big chance. I was about to ride in the London Olympics. I jumped on Beauty my horse. I stroked her black, shiny mane. She was in excellent shape with a shiny black coat and dark black mane. She had a white star on her head and long, strong legs that would hopefully win me a gold medal for Ireland.

" Jumping for Ireland, Kiera Cullen."

I took another deep breath.

" Go on Beauty." I kicked her side and she trotted into the stadium, just like we'd practised. I looked around. There were so many people! I waved to the crowd. The all cheered... for me. We got into the starting postition.

" 3... 2... 1... GO !!!"

I kicked Beauty at the side.

"Go Beauty"

Off she went. After we galloped about a yard,the first hurdle came. I tugged at Beauty's reins. She leaped over the bar. The crowd cheered. After about another yard another hurdle came. I really thought she wouldn't make it for a second. But she did. She basically flew over the bar. I still had another minute until I had beaten Zara Philips. I had three more hurdles to go, but they were higher than the first two hurdles. The next hurdle was coming up soon, but I didn't know there was a large puddle in front of me so I didn't have time to tell Beauty to jump. I held my breath. Beauty jumed over the puddle without being told! We were saved!

A few minutes later...

I stood next to the podium. I knew that I gad beaten Zara Philips, so I had tocome second, but had I beaten the other rider?

"In third place... Zara Philips"

Zara came up to the podium, clearly disappointed.

"And the Gold medal goes to..."

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