The Little book of big Dreams

Hi Everyone !!!! This is about all about your wildest dreams. Comment below and tell me your name and your wildest dream, and I (will try) to make it come true.


2. For B.Harrison

I looked in the mirror and smiled. I looked amazing My hair glistened by my waist. I have amazing jet black hair that goes down to my waist. I had curled it because it was an extreamly important day for me. I was a high profile author and I wrote a series of best-selling books for all ages. About a month ago I got an email from my publishers saying a certain J.K Rowling had read my book, and now she wanted to write a book with me. I grabbed my cluth bag and drove to the venue we were going to meet in. I arrived at the place. It was huge. The front looked like it was made of solid gold, with a red carpet coming down to the door. The doorman opened up the door for me and I walked in. The foye lookd amazing. A giant chandeliar hung above my head. A champagne couch with red velvet  coushins was placed in the corner. I closed my mouth and walked on. I looked around trying to find the dining room. I found the door and walked towards. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open. I looke around for my cornered off section. There she was! I walked towards her.  "Hi!" .....

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