Starting Over

How would you feel if your "dad" killed your mom right in front of you and your sister? Would you run? Save your sister? Well, I did. My father was an alcholic, he would beat us. But, the day he found out I wasn't his and my mom had an affair, he crossed the line. He killed my mother. Tried to kill me, but I took my sister and ran. We ran as far as we possibly could. Hi, my name is Abigail, but they call me Abbey. I had a rough childhood. Now I'm 18 living with my 16 year old sister, Nina. My father- well her father anyway, is looking for us. We've been running for 2 years now, with no place left to go. How will we escape this mess? Who is my biological father? So many questions, so little answers. But then came these 5 boys. Never will I regret meeting them, they call themselves One Direction. Find out our story.


7. Your Special

      I got 3 hours of sleep. Jenna's yelling up the stairs but I can't quite make out what she's saying. Now I hear footsteps coming upstairs. My heart is racing, I don't know why but everytime I hear little things I have a freak attack. Then I see Jenna standing in the doorway.

"Whaaat?" I rolled over now looking away from her.

"Somebody's here. Claims he has your shoe. Do I let him in or is he crazy?"

"What?!?! Umm... let him in, I'll be ready in like 5 minutes!" Once she left my room I hurried and got changed and brushed my hair. He couldn't wait, could he? I look like crap.

Oh no, he's coming up the stairs! I hear him knocking on the door.

"Just a sec!" I run towards the door and open it.

"Come in" I shut the door behind him and lock it so Nina doesn't walk in.

"Planning on raping me?" He said, I shot him with a confused look.

"You locked the door."

"Ohhh..." I shook my head and looked at him seeing he didn't have my shoe.

"Where's my shoe?"

"Oh you don't get it yet. We barely even hung out." I'm never gonna get my shoe, am I? I guess it's worth it, I get to see him. No, you can't like him!

"Oh, then what are we going to do?"

"Park. It's sunny out, finally! Let's go play on the swings!!!" He sounds like a 5 year old. It's so adorable!

"Ok, hold on" I grabbed my purse and jacket, then went for the door.

"Let's go"

We went down stairs and Jenna was waiting at the bottom of the steps, uh oh.

"Hey we're going to the park" I said, she smiled and let us through and said something like have fun, I don't know. I walked out side and followed Louis.

"Where are you going?" He passed the car and was heading down the driveway...

"We're gonna walk, c'mon, love" Oh great. We'll probably get mobbed by a group of girls.

I caught up with him and we got to the park like a half hour later. We didn't talk much on the walk, we just had some small talk.

He ran to the swings like a child and I just started laughing. He was so adorable!

Louis POV:

I ran over to the a swing and started swinging back in forth. She was laughing at me, she was so cute when she smiled. That's when she sat on the swing next to me. Then a girl came up to me and asked for an autograph, I can't say no. This made me realize how she must feel.

Wait, there's the abandoned part of the park that my mum showed me. I can take her there!

"Hey, I want to show you something."

"Okay..." Her voice was so soft, and beautiful. I think I'm falling for this girl.

"Close your eyes, its a surprise." I took her delicate hand and led her back through the trees. Then I went behind her and put my hands over her eyes.

"And... Surprise!" She looked amazed. Then looked at me.

"Louis, this is beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you." I saw her blush, even when she blushed, she was cute.

"This is a secret place my mum used to take me to when I was younger. It was always so peaceful. I come here when I want to think, escape the world."

"Wow. How often do you come here?"

"Well, this is the first time I've ever shown anybody." I thought I would just save this place for my own little place, but I guess I feel like I can trust her. It's just something about her.

"You never showed anyone else?"

"No, not even the boys."

"Then why me?" 


"No, not even the boys."

"Then why me?"

This place was beautiful but why would I be the first he showed, he barely knows me

"because, your special" Special? What? Me? No, I'm not.

"There's nothing special about me, my life is horrible and I really shouldn't be with you." I need to stop letting him think it's ok to be with me. It's not. It's dangerous.

"What are you talking about Abbey? You are special. Don't say that." He was sweet but he doesn't know and he wasn't going to understand if I don't tell him.

"I have to go." I ran out of the park, leaving him there stupified. I felt bad but I'd feel even worse putting him and his friends in danger. I ran all the way home and realized his car was still there. Great. I ran inside and locked the door. I told Jenna to tell him to just leave. I really hope he listens.

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