Starting Over

How would you feel if your "dad" killed your mom right in front of you and your sister? Would you run? Save your sister? Well, I did. My father was an alcholic, he would beat us. But, the day he found out I wasn't his and my mom had an affair, he crossed the line. He killed my mother. Tried to kill me, but I took my sister and ran. We ran as far as we possibly could. Hi, my name is Abigail, but they call me Abbey. I had a rough childhood. Now I'm 18 living with my 16 year old sister, Nina. My father- well her father anyway, is looking for us. We've been running for 2 years now, with no place left to go. How will we escape this mess? Who is my biological father? So many questions, so little answers. But then came these 5 boys. Never will I regret meeting them, they call themselves One Direction. Find out our story.


6. Up All Night

    I got up and walked up to my room. When I passed Nina's room she was jumping on her bed, listening to One Direction. Wow. I walked in and she instantly sat down.

"Where were you? Jenna was going to go to the police if you didn't show up by 6"

"I was at a... friends" Well it's true, but I think it's best I don't tell her, yet anyways.

"What friend? You don't have any friends." She's right. I don't. But now I do.

"You don't know them." Is all I said then I walked out. When I got into my room I decided to do some research. I opened my laptop, went to google and typed One Direction. Their twitter came up, their songs, and bio's.

Who's Eleanor? Louis has a GF?!?! I thought he liked me? Figures. No guy will like you Abbey, you were just his charity case and you know it.

I shut my laptop and went on my phone to twitter. I have 1 new follower. Louis Tomlinson. Great. View Profile. Time for some twitter stalking.

Awww... he tweeted about me. What?!?! He tweeted about me?!?! Oh no this is bad. Really really bad. He has a girlfriend. He doesn't like you. Remember that. But what if Nina sees it?

(This is what the tweet read: Met an awesome girl named Abbey. @AbbeySchmidt is her twitter. Tell me what you think, your guys approval means a lot. Love!)

How did he even find me? What does he need their approval on? I thought he was dating Eleanor. Ok time to go to an expert!

"NINA!!" She came running in like there was a fire. Wow.

"I have a question for you about your little boy band, Louis, is he single? Or still dating Eleanor?"

"I thought you hated them?" Uhhhg she's gonna make this hard, isn't she?

"Well, now I don't, answer the question!"

"Ok, well no, they broke up. Why?"

"Thank you, bye now! Wait, can I borrow your cd?" I might as well listen to them. See if they're any good.

"Yeah..." she ran and got the cd for me and threw it to me

"Thanks! Bye!" She walked out of my room, looking a little confused. Oh well. I popped the cd into my laptop and pressed play. After that I stayed up all night listening to them and researching. I have to know what I'm getting myself into.

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