Starting Over

How would you feel if your "dad" killed your mom right in front of you and your sister? Would you run? Save your sister? Well, I did. My father was an alcholic, he would beat us. But, the day he found out I wasn't his and my mom had an affair, he crossed the line. He killed my mother. Tried to kill me, but I took my sister and ran. We ran as far as we possibly could. Hi, my name is Abigail, but they call me Abbey. I had a rough childhood. Now I'm 18 living with my 16 year old sister, Nina. My father- well her father anyway, is looking for us. We've been running for 2 years now, with no place left to go. How will we escape this mess? Who is my biological father? So many questions, so little answers. But then came these 5 boys. Never will I regret meeting them, they call themselves One Direction. Find out our story.


2. Moving

     I woke up sitting next to Jenna and Nina on an airplane. Everyone was leaving. We walked off and collected our bags and walked to Jenna's friend, Vanessa's.

When we got there, Nina and I were sent to the first guest room. We didn't have any stuff because we weren't going to risk going back. Aunt Jenna is looking for a house here. I still can't believe any of this. It still feels like a dream, or a nightmare for that matter.

I want to go on a walk, but Jenna's making me take Nina.

"You ready Nina?"

"Yeah, I'm coming"

We walked out the door and headed down the street.

"Why did this happen to us?" Nina asked me, as if I knew the answer. "I don't know." I said, shaking my head. Why did this happen?

    Later that night, Jenna has already found us a new home. We moved in right away. Not looking back. Jenna was still young, she was my moms little sister although, they never got along. That's why we lived so far apart and never saw her. Jenna was only 21. Not fully suited to raise 2 kids but she took us in anyway, and I love her for that. She used her untouched trust fund she vowed she'd never touch since it was her mother's pity money, Jenna says there is a long story behind it but refuses to tell me. She used the money to buy me and Nina everything we needed to get settled. Nothing bad could happen now.

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