Starting Over

How would you feel if your "dad" killed your mom right in front of you and your sister? Would you run? Save your sister? Well, I did. My father was an alcholic, he would beat us. But, the day he found out I wasn't his and my mom had an affair, he crossed the line. He killed my mother. Tried to kill me, but I took my sister and ran. We ran as far as we possibly could. Hi, my name is Abigail, but they call me Abbey. I had a rough childhood. Now I'm 18 living with my 16 year old sister, Nina. My father- well her father anyway, is looking for us. We've been running for 2 years now, with no place left to go. How will we escape this mess? Who is my biological father? So many questions, so little answers. But then came these 5 boys. Never will I regret meeting them, they call themselves One Direction. Find out our story.


8. 'Carrot'astrophe

          I was looking out the window and I saw him run up the driveway. I heard him knock on the door downstairs, then I heard Jenna tell him to leave. I can't quite make out what he's saying... now someone's coming upstairs. I knew I couln't trust Jenna with this simple task. I shut and locked my door to make sure he can't come in. I can't face him right now. I'd be forced to explain and I can't, not today, not now, maybe not ever.

"Abbey, let me in please"

"Go away Louis!" Am I crying?

"What did I do?" I can't answer that, he's been completely perfect to me and I'm being a bitch.

"She's just too caught up in her... OH MY GOD! Your Louis Tomlinson!!! And your in my house?!" Oh great, Nina. Just great.

"No wonder she was asking about you" NINA!! omg.

"Oh you were asking about me?"

"Louis, please go home" This is bad. Really bad. I want to let him in but I can't let him see me like this first of all and I don't want to explain why I can't be with him.

Now I hear them whispering. What could they possibly be talking about!? I hear a click and here comes Louis walking into my room.

"How did you-"

"Nina gave me a key" Uhhhg... He walked over to me and put his hand on my cheek

"Now Abbey, tell me what's wrong and I'm not leaving until you do." I start balling my eyes out now. I can't help it. He grabs me in his arms and hugs me, holding me tight. He's so perfect.

"Louis, I'm sorry." I pull away and stand up, shutting the door and sit back down on the bed, next to Louis.

"At the park, you said you can't be with me, why?" Here goes nothing. I'm still balling my eyes out and he pulls me in his strong arms again.

"Well, it all started when my dad found out he wasn't my dad. Then he- he went all crazy. He kill- he killed my mom. Now he wants to kill me and steal Nina. I can't let you be in danger. He'll kill anyone I love." I practically just told him I loved him, do I? Still to soon to tell. I see the fear in his eyes, he'll probably never talk to me again now.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry. But I'm not scared of him, Abbey. I'm not leaving you. I'm not going to let him hurt you. I promise" He took his hand to my face and wiped away my tears. I gave him a small smile and he pulled me into a tight hug, kissing my head.  

"How about you come to mine tonight, the boys really like you." I think I might actually say yes.

"They barely know me."

"They can be real around you, without you screaming. They like you"

"Thanks Lou, it really means alot"

Last time I thought I could trust someone and told them my story, they were too scared to be around me, so they left. He's different. 

   We went to his house and all of the boys were in the living room.

"Guess who's baaaack!!" Louis said, in the tone of a 4 year old.

"ABBEY!!" They all shouted when they saw me, I guess they did like me after all.

"Hey guys!" I waved and sat on the couch next to Niall and Liam. Louis runs over to the other couch, opposite to us, with Harry and Zayn on it and he jumps on to Harry's lap yelling


"BooBear, get your butt off of me!" He said, pushing Louis to the floor. He pretended to cry and rubbed his arm.

"See Harry, now look what you did! You made the baby cry!" Liam said, pointing his finger at Louis.

"Oh he cries when he sees a pigeon!" A pigeon? Did he just say pigeon?

"KEVIN!!!!!" Louis yelled, prentending to cry some more. He was totally right. They are crazy. I just laughed.

"Hey Lou, your girlfriend killed Kevin!" Harry said, I think he meant me.

"Abbey would never do that to me, right Abbey?" What?


"See! She's guilty! I bet she even ate your carrots!" What on Earth is Harry talking about?

"Abbey! How could you!!"

"I didn't do anything!!" I tried pleading my case. These boys are insane!

"I believe you, but I'm going to make sure my carrots are there." Is he serious? He walked away, probaby to the kitchen, 5 seconds later I heard a scream and he ran into the room and started yelling.


"I was hungry! We can go to the store and get some more!"

"They were my friends!!!" He started to fake cry again but I saw some real tears forming in his eyes.

"Niall, you know better than to eat his carrots!" Liam said, reaching behind me to hit Niall in the back of the head. I think I'm liking it here. These boys are so weird but to me, they make me feel like I've known them my whole life. This is insane.

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