Starting Over

How would you feel if your "dad" killed your mom right in front of you and your sister? Would you run? Save your sister? Well, I did. My father was an alcholic, he would beat us. But, the day he found out I wasn't his and my mom had an affair, he crossed the line. He killed my mother. Tried to kill me, but I took my sister and ran. We ran as far as we possibly could. Hi, my name is Abigail, but they call me Abbey. I had a rough childhood. Now I'm 18 living with my 16 year old sister, Nina. My father- well her father anyway, is looking for us. We've been running for 2 years now, with no place left to go. How will we escape this mess? Who is my biological father? So many questions, so little answers. But then came these 5 boys. Never will I regret meeting them, they call themselves One Direction. Find out our story.


3. 2 years later

      It's been two years, I'm fully adapted to London now. I may have even picked up a slight accent.

"Abbey! Abbey! Guess what, guess what!!!!" Nina came flying through the hall into my bedroom, jumping up and down. What the hell just happened?


"One Direction just came out with their first album! Up All Night! You'll love it!"

Ok. My sister is obsessed with this gay boy band. Ever since the went on X-Factor she claimed she was going to marry one of them. She's been trying to get me to like them-which will never ever happen!

"I don't care about your gay little boy band, Nina"

I truly don't, I refuse to even look at them. I admire that they are living their dream in all, which I will never get to do, but they think they can win any girl over, and they can't, they just can't!

Nina's smile went to a frown and she left my room. I turn up my IPod, Skinny Love was playing. I started singing, in perfect tune with the song.


"Come on skinny love, just last the year

Pour a little salt, we were never here

my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my

Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer  

I tell my love to wreck it all Cut out all the ropes and let me fall

my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my

Right at the moment this order's tall  

And I told you to be patient

And I told you to be fine

And I told you to be balanced

And I told you to be kind  

And in the morning, I'll be with you

But it will be a different kind

Cause I'll be holding all the tickets

And you'll be owning all the fines  

Come on skinny love, what happened here?

Suckle on the in light brassiere

my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my

Sullen load is full, so slow on the split    

And I told you to be patient

And I told you to be fine

And I told you to be balanced

And I told you to be kind  

And now all your love is wasted

Then who the hell was I?

Cause now I'm breaking at the britches

And at the end of all your lines  

Who will love you?

Who will fight?

Who will fall, far behind?  

Come on skinny love my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my" 

      I heard clapping in the door way, my cheeks automatically turned red. Nina has her phone out, did she record me? I am going to kill her.

"NINA!! Delete that video right this second!"

"Ok but... it's already on YouTube"

"You're kidding, right?" I grabbed the phone out of her hands and saw it was posted.


"Sorry, you just sound so much like mom, and she was a beautiful singer and I thought you would like it, sorry!"

I could see her eyes beginning to water a little. My mom would always play the piano and I'd sing and then she would join in and we'd sing in perfect harmony. That was before my 'dad' started drinking. My mom always told me I was gonna be a popstar. It was her dream, mine too.

"Sorry Nina, but please take it down"

"Okay..." Thank you! I don't want to risk anyone seeing that.

I threw my brown hat and red scarf on and went for a walk.

After I walked about a mile I saw the park was empty. No one was there. I love this park, it's so beautiful.

I ran over to the swings and started playfully swinging back and forth. I felt a drop of water hit the tip of my nose, then another, then another, and before I knew it, it was pouring rain!

I was 45 minutes from home, sadly, and there was no where dry to go. I got up and started to run back towards my house when this car was creeping on me. Could it be-? No it can't! But what if... no, no Abbey, stop it!

The car was going slow like following me and then it pulled over and stopped. I picked up my pace and I was running when I heard a voice call "Hey!"

Well, it had a handsome accent, so it isn't my dad! I'm just paranoid.

I turned around and saw the boy running towards me, about as soaked as I am.

"Wow, your fast!" He said, out of breath

"Sorry, I thought you were my da- I mean I thought you were someone else" I don't need him thinking anything weird.

"Well you need a ride? I could happily give one." Should I? No, don't say yes Abbey! Don't say yes!


Abbey! He ran to the car opening the door to the passenger side for me. He then ran around to the other side and started the car.

"I'm Louis" Doesn't sound like a bad guy...

"I'm Abbey"

"Hello, Abbey, why were you out in the rain by yourself like this?"

"I don't know, I went to the park and it just started raining" That's all there is to it, I guess, I just wanted to get out of the house. I don't really feel like being there right now.

"Where we headed?" Anywhere but home. I feel like a prisoner, I never get out and it brings me down. "Um, I-I don't know"

"Well, how about you come to my place for a while and get warmed up, your probably freezing." I really shouldn't, I don't know this guy.

"Ok, sure" Did I really just do that? What is wrong with me today??  

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