Me and the Boss

"I promise" " Promise is a big word Kyle you have to decide me or her".
When Talia Gomez left High School she got her dream when she got the intership job at MADE. The Boss Mr Matthew's was great...but off limits but that dosen't stop Talia from getting her hands on him after all when shew wants something she gets it(As far as she's concerned). But will he ever leave his wife or is she kidding herself and has she built this up to be something that was never meant to be in the first place.


3. Chapter 3




Me and the Boss


Chapter 3


“Sweetie you have to start thinking about starting a family” Claudia Matthews said to Kyle as the whole family were eating: this was always the topic of conversation when she came over.

He knew she meant well she njust didn't want him and Juliet to be like her and his dad.

They divorced just a few months after him and Juliet's wedding. It was a shock to say the least but apparently they'd grown apart and it just wasn't working anymore.


“Yeah soon” He said not looking at anyone “Honey it’s the perfect time right Juliet” Claudia asked looking hopefully at her sons wife.


All eyes were on her and it was nerve wracking “Um yeah it would be nice” Juliet nodded looking nervous “Maybe Kyle doesn’t want kids and he’s not saying” Stated his 21 year old sister Harley as she flipped back her long brunette hair and took a bite out of her steak.


Harley Matthews nothing like her brother the not so smart one or as she’d like to say ‘The Disappointment’ she barely graduated and dropped out of NYU mid semester and moved back home with their mum who wanted her to become a successful business women but Harley being herself didn’t know what she wanted partying was her thing at the moment she was calling it a gap year even though it had nearly been two. Here parents always asked when she was going to grow up but as far as she was concerned she was grown and no one could tell her what to do and when to do it.


Juliet’s face fell by that statement Harley had revealed what she had been thinking. “Nonsense and Harley no one asked you” Claudia said shaking her golden locks and waving her hands, Harley rolled her eyes “That’s not true is it Kyle” she asked “Um no of course not” he said shaking his head but Harley could tell he was lying but she decided not to say anything the atmosphere was tense enough.




Dinner was over and Kyle and Harley were tidying the dining area “So why don’t you want kids?” she asked casually as she piled the plates “What” Kyle laughed “You heard me don’t play dumb it’s obvious” she said lightly hitting him.


“You’re crazy why wouldn’t I want kids” he said shaking his head “You tell me” she shrugged “Trouble in paradise or something” he rolled his eyes “Not that it’s any of your business but things are fine thanks” he lied Harley picked up the pile of plates and took them to the kitchen Kyle behind her carrying the cutlery.


“Then why don’t you want kids it’s so obvious the way you answered when mum asked” Kyle quickly came up with an excuse “I’m just not ready ok you got your answer” “Well why don’t you say that honesty’s the best policy” she replied “You know you should really take your own advice” Kyle laughed “Ha-Ha very funny” she said as she put the plates in the sink.


“Speaking of which how’s things with you and Chase” he asked curiously “Why do you care you hate him” Harley stated.

Chase was Harley's younger boyfriend he was a bit of rebel but what boy isn't.

“No one likes him one he’s 18” Harley put her hand up “In my defence he told me he was older when we first met and when I found out it was too late we were already serious” she stated “Number two” he continued Harley rolled her eyes “He’s the reason you ended up in jail that time” “In his defence he wasn’t driving it was Drew”. That was a night no one would forget.


Just then Kyle’s phone started ringing “I better take this could be work” he said and walked in the hallway.


Harley being herself slowly walked to the wall and pressed her air to it just a little eavesdropping couldn’t hurt.


“Did you get my text about LA…? Are you coming…? Great see that can be the little vacation we were talking about earlier….I miss you too… No I never forgot about Saturday I can’t believe it’s been a year don’t worry I’ve got something special planned you’ll love it… About that promotion… Great you’ll take it…You to bye”.


Harley’s eyes widened well that was an odd conversation to have with someone at work. She quickly backed away and stood in front of the sink where he left her trying to make sense of what she had just heard as she was doing so Justin walked back in “Do you need any help with that?” he asked her “Um no you go in the living room with mum and Juliet I’ll be fine” she smiled “Thanks you’re the best” “I know” she laughed.


Once he left the room her face fell she couldn’t help wondering who he was talking to on the phone the conversation seemed friendly a little too friendly for a work colleague. Was that the reason he was acting weird whatever it was Harley wanted to find out.




Talia was getting ready for their one year anniversary it was eight and he said he’d be there in thirty minutes. One year of hiding and sneaking it may not seem like a long time but when you have a lot of baggage it feels like eternity.


She was wearing a Ruffle Embellished Bandeau Dress some glittery peep toe heels she had her hair completely straight and light makeup.




“It’s just a meeting” Kyle said trying to reason with Juliet “I was hoping we could cuddle up and watch a movie it’s a Saturday night” Kyle sighed “I promise tomorrow we can have the whole day just me and you” he gave her a soft kiss “Ok, ok” she said a gave him a peck “Don’t be too late” he heard her say as he closed the front door.


As Talia was about to apply a little more gloss the door knocked and she picked up her bag and slowly walked to the door and opened it. Kyle was standing there in a grey tux with a bouquet of red roses “What is this prom” she asked him pointing at the bouquet.


“What no hello I’ve missed you” he asked her she rolled her eyes and took the flowers “I’ll go put these in a vase then we can go” as she turned around and started to walk he pulled her back “No kiss” he said with those puppy dog eyes.


“Such a baby” she smiled and gave him a soft kiss and pressed their foreheads together “You look beautiful” he whispered “You don’t look so bad yourself” she said as she turned around and walked to the kitchen.


“Ok so remind why I have to keep my eyes closed” Talia asked “Because it’s a surprise now stop walking” he instructed she did and that’s when he removed his hands from her face.


They were in a penthouse ok not just a penthouse a luxury penthouse with a huge glass window and completely modern furniture it was amazing. She turned around and looked at him he had a huge smile on his face “Ok who’s place is this” she asked in complete shock.


“It’s ours” he shrugged “WA…what” she said stuttering “Look I love you and I want to make you happy and I was hoping…” she didn’t let him finish before she kissed him “I don’t know what to say” she said utterly speechless “I, I love you too” she cried “Hey why are you crying” he asked pulling her close and wiping her watery cheeks.


“Because….because I can’t believe you did this” she said still taking everything in “It because I love you and I’m really serious about this…about us and I want you to know that your my future” he said looking into her watery eyes he kissed her hand she didn’t know what to say. “Come I’ll show you around” he said and took her hand.


The balcony had a hot tub and the view was breath-taking “So what do you think” he asked her rubbing her hand “It’s amazing” she said still thinking this must be a dream “I’m so glad you like it” “Like it I love it” she smiled.


Kyle ordered some Italian and they ate and drank. They had just finished watching a movie “Kyle I’m still taking in the fact that you did all this no one’s ever done something like this for me and I just can’t even put it into words” he moved a little closer to her and she kissed him and started playing with his shirt buttons “Mr Matthews you’ve made a girl really happy” she laughed “We should go give one of those bedrooms a test drive” she grinned.


He didn’t say anything he just picked her up bridal style “Whoa when did you get so strong” she asked “I’ve been working out” he shrugged “I swear you should keep your trainer it makes you hotter” she said and winked at him.


“Tonight has been great do you really have to go home tonight can you just say you guys got drunk and crashed at Ross’s or something I’m sure she’ll believe you” Talia asked moving a little closer to him and rubbing his chest “She’ll get suspicious Mums going on about the baby thing again” he said and rolled his eyes “Okay I guess I can deal” she sighed “I knew you’d understand” he said and kissed her on the head.

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