Me and the Boss

"I promise" " Promise is a big word Kyle you have to decide me or her".
When Talia Gomez left High School she got her dream when she got the intership job at MADE. The Boss Mr Matthew's was great...but off limits but that dosen't stop Talia from getting her hands on him after all when shew wants something she gets it(As far as she's concerned). But will he ever leave his wife or is she kidding herself and has she built this up to be something that was never meant to be in the first place.


2. chapter 2

Me and the Boss

Chapter 2

Talia Gomez always got what she wanted and she wanted to be Mrs Matthews she didn’t want to be his dirty little secret anymore.

She didn’t envy Juliet because of her relationship with Kyle but because she wanted to be his wife she wanted to live with him and be open about what they had together she hated hiding it.

When she was young she always loved those stories where the princess was swept of her feet by their prince, but when she was teenager she started dating and realised all the boys she was interested in didn’t have any ambition, were douche bags and just wanted to get in her pants. She promised herself that when she met that special someone she wouldn’t let them slip away.

Kyle had ambition drive and he was making it for himself and she loved that. He made her feel special and when she was with him the worries disappeared. He told her that when he divorced Juliet she’ll move in and they can get married and start a family and it will be great. He was hers even if no one else knew that.

“I can never button this stupid shirt properly” Kyle said while he struggled with lining the buttons with the holes.

Talia laughed slightly as she threw her blouse on “Come I’ll do it for you” he walked over to her and she stood up from the seat and began buttoning it for him.

“You know I’ve been thinking” She said casually

Kyle eyed her to see if he could tell what she was up to “About what”

“Well…” she said trying to make him a bit nervous “I get kind of lonely in the night” she said moving slightly closer “And I was thinking maybe we could go on holiday just the two of us… together…alone” she said seductively she could tell he was getting nervous.

“Um I don’t know” he said while gulping

“Don’t you love me” she whined giving him the puppy dog face

“You know I do it’s just risky you know? Please don’t give me that face you’re making it hard” he replied.

“I guess I understand” she shrugged while finishing his last button.

Kyle knew there must be a catch it wasn’t like Talia to give up that easily.

“It’s just it would have been nice you know the two of us we could have had some real fun”

Kyle’s eyebrows rose “What kind of fun?” he asked curiously she smirked and tiptoed up and whispered something in his ear his eyes widened. She knew exactly what to say.


“So what do you think?” she said biting her lip and intertwining their fingers.

He didn’t want to give in but there she was looking all cute and innocent how could he say no to her “I guess I could look into it but I can’t promise anything” he sighed.

She gave him a quick kiss “That’s all I ask” she smiled

“Miss Gomez you do drive me crazy” he said pulling a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“That’s a good thing right” she laughed. Just then the door knocked and they quickly sprang apart and she walked on the other said of his desk he quickly fixed his tie.

“Come in” Kyle croaked. The door opened and “Sorry for the interruption” Ross said they both just smiled at him trying the best to cover up there previous actions.

“It’s fine I was just finished actually I better go back and finish these papers” Talia said as she picked up the documents from the desk and left the room.

Ross turned back to Kyle who was looking a little nervous “Man are you ok” he asked “Yeah I’m fine so what’s up” he asked as he sat at his desk.

“The good news or bad news first” Ross asked him looking anxious “Bad news” Kyle moaned “The photo shoot we were supposed to do in Miami fell through” Kyle rolled his eyes “Seriously, why?” “Apparently there using the area for something else” “Well what’s the good news” “We could use LA Venice beach but it would have to be in the next two weeks”.

“Um ok will the models be available” “Already talked to them and their cool with it but Emma can’t make it because of some engagement party”. Emma was one of the assistants her job was crucial to make sure things ran smoothly “But I have an Idea we could ask Talia to come she’s been here long enough and Emma’s been with her so I’m sure she’ll know what’s she’s doing”.

I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea I mean she was the best intern they’ve ever had “Yeah that’s great I’ll ask her I’ve been thinking of offering her a full time job” “ Really that’s great problem solved” Ross said feeling proud for figuring things out.

When the whole affair started Kyle and Juliet’s marriage was alright but it could have been better. They were High School sweethearts she was the popular girl friends with everyone decent grades cheerleader and honour student not to mention one of the prettiest girls in the school.

He was just as popular exceptional grades also an honour student and involved in nearly all the school activities.

They were the schools power couple and won homecoming king and queen. He was 19 when he popped the question and they were married a year later. Everyone always said it was if they were made for each other and that they’d be together forever.

And then she came in the picture…Talia. When the whole thing started Kyle realised that what him and Juliet had was a teen romance and that the whole marriage thing was just in the moment not forever. Not that he didn’t love Juliet he did but just not how he youst to.

He knew this was wrong and it’s something no one would expect from him. He did try and stay away after their night together but it didn’t work nothing did he was almost trying to stop himself from loving her but he couldn’t.




Talia was meeting Brooke an old school friend for lunch, if it wasn’t for her Talia wouldn’t be and Intern at MADE she had set the whole thing up for her she was so grateful.

As she entered Starbucks she saw Brooke sitting at the table checking herself in her purse mirror.

“Hey Talia” Brooke said standing up and giving her a quick hug “Hey” they both sat down “So how’s MADE” Brooke asked her looking excited “Great things are great” she smiled.

“That’s good… so how’s things with your mum” she asked me “We haven’t spoken in a while and I honestly don’t care” Talia said.

Things with her and her mum where never great Talia always blamed her for her dad leaving and when she moved out after High School they barely spoke. Her mum remarried when she was 4 and by the time she was 6 she had a sister Skai and two years later Jodie. She didn’t mind Dwayne her stepdad but he wasn’t her dad.

“Talia you should at least go see her she is your mum” Brooke stated “She’s never been one so why should I care” Talia said taking a bite out of her Cesar salad Brooke rolled her eyes “Can we please change the subject” Brooke sighed and nodded.

“So have you met someone” Brooke asked Talia kind of froze “Um no not really doing the dating thing at the moment like riding solo” Talia lied “That doesn’t sound like you” Brooke said looking confused “Yeah I’m just focusing on work” just as she said that she felt like gagging “I’m just going to pop to the toilet back in a sec”.

She rushed to the closest cubical and started vomiting must have been a bad Cesar salad she thought. When she finished she went to the mirror took her water bottle out and began rummaging through her bag to get her breath mints and that’s when she stumbled upon her birth control pills.

“Shit” she hissed she had forgotten to take them yesterday I suppose taking it now won’t be a big deal she thought so she did.

Juliet was at her friend Laurens house “So he popped the question yesterday” she squealed “Great” Juliet said trying to sound happy for her but it didn’t work “Ok” said “I’m sorry is just…” “It’s about Kyle isn’t it” Lauren said “How do you know “I can tell”.

“It’s just that lately I’ve been feeling like he’s not interested anymore I don’t know maybe I’m paranoid” Juliet said putting her face in her hands “All relationships suffer rough patches its totally normal but it’s you two it will be fine” Lauren reassured her. If that was true then why did she feel he was slowly slipping away?

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