A Desperate Apology


1. Alice.

What's there to say Alice, I'm so sorry. I was just jealous. But your lucky, your not depressed like I am. No wonder he liked you. Your pretty, smart, funny, sweet and in general, a good person. You were there for me, and when he asked you out, I was crushed. I said it was fine because I didn't want to be demanding. And presides, his happiness means more to me than mine. And with you, of course he's happy. With me, he was caring and loving. But with you, he doesn't have to try, it comes naturally to him. It's cause, no matter how hard someone tries, no-one can ignore you. You're just so friendly. I can see why you have so many friends. You're just so likeable, but I'm truly sorry about what I said, I am. From the bottom of my half-healed heart, I wish you luck. In writing your books, and in your relationship....


Sorry that I'm a bitch,
I should go die in a ditch.
Maybe I will soon,
A little less gloom.

He loves you,
I know it's true.
I don't love him,
I'm chucking my heart in the bin.

I might as well,
I'm already going to hell.
I'm so so sorry,
And nothing rhymes with that.

I just hate myself at the moment,
And I take it out on you.
I could write page after page,
Of how I show my rage.

So to you I say,
That you always made my day.
With your happy life,
But to you I'm like a knife.

I know you'll live well,
It will be just swell.
I wish you the best,
And all the rest.

If you still hate me,
I can see.
I'm not scary,
Though I appear to be.

Inside I'm a child,
Just gone wild,
And just like one,
I cry too much.


Even as I write this,
I'm in complete tears.
I'm so sorry,
I will change.



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