What Happened Next...(sequel to One Direction and Me)

This is the sequel to Me and One Direction <3 so yeah please read!!!! Its all about life afterwards. Partially continuing from the last book!!!!! xxxxxx

By Chloe(I love llamas)Vidz and Connie Bonnie Boo Bear!! Xxxxx


19. Out of order

Niall's POV Me and the boys had band practice all day, Emma was at home with the flu and Chloe said she would go and look after her for most of the day. I felt bad for leaving my sick wife so on the way home from band practice I brought the most beautiful red roses for her. Hopefully they will cheer her up! I unlocked the door quietly just in case she was asleep. There was a note in the hallway it read: Hey Nialler :) it's 8:45 and I'm going home now, Emma's fine she's asleep! Love chloe xoxo Ok so it's 9 now so she should still be asleep, I tiptoed into our bedroom careful not to wake her. The bed was empty. I looked around the room. She wasn't in the bathroom, or the living room air the kitchen. I called her name, tears started to well up in my eyes. I checked the room again, there was another note on the side. This one wasn't in Chloe's squirmy writing it didn't have random doodles in the corners. It wasn't even a note at all...it was a death threat: HEY NIALL, REMEMBER ME HOLLY? IF YOU WANT YOU WIFE BACK THEN MEET ME IN THE ALLEY ON KINGS STREET AT 12, IF YOU TELL ANYONE OR BRING ANYONE I WILL KILL EMMA, YOU HEAR ME?! AND IF YOU DON'T SHOW, I WILL KILL HER! I knew only one person who it was from. Holly, my ex girlfriend...



Authors note: So? This is a bit of drama, of corse Niall will go to rescue Emma, but what will happen in the alley?! Please comment ideas and we will update soon, sorry this is a short chapter, but I felt it need to be short and simple to get the drama going. Please Remember to like, comment and fave! We love you! From chloe(I love llamas)Vidz and XoxoElmoxoxO

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