What Happened Next...(sequel to One Direction and Me)

This is the sequel to Me and One Direction <3 so yeah please read!!!! Its all about life afterwards. Partially continuing from the last book!!!!! xxxxxx

By Chloe(I love llamas)Vidz and Connie Bonnie Boo Bear!! Xxxxx


8. It's your's!

Louis' P.O.V

WOW! I still can't belive that I have finally got back with Connie! I missed her so much, turns out she missed me aswell. Ahhh, I LOVE HER! I just want to scream it out to the world! I still can't belive she is pregnant, unfortunally it is not mine. Last time we did it was two nights ago ad she can't get pregnant that quickly! I still don't know if I should tell her about my one night stand I had about two months back. I hope she wont mind, oh well she is pregnant with another man's child so she shouldn't mind to much that I slept with another woman! I hope!...

In the end I decided to tell Harry, I just need to get out of my system,... yah know!? After telling him, he patted my shoulder, went pale and walked away. Now that was a strange thing. Oh well now at least I have told someone about it, I feel alot more free now!

Connie's P.O.V

Hmmmmm, now life is finally good again! I have a baby in my belly, and I am back with my amazing boyfriend! I honestly don't know why I didn't give him a second chance straight away!? I was hanging all my new big clothes in my wardrobe when Louis pulled up in the driveway. He came in and hugged me and then knelt down infront of me and kissed my belly. I knew in that moment he was going to be the best father you could ever imagine! As I was in lala land I heard him whispering to the baby. I heard him say something along the lines of 'Oh how I wish you were mine'. I froze, kind of. I pulled Louis up slowley so he was standing in front of me and I pulled his chin down so he was looking down on me.

"You do know it's you're, right?" I said.

"Oh, it is!? Really!?" Louis said his eyes gleaming as soon as I said it.

"Of course silly! You are the only person I have ever had sex with! And I Love you!" After saying that he picked me up carefully and twirled me round.

"I love you and OUR baby so much!" he whispered in my ear. I smiled and kissed him passionatly.

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