What Happened Next...(sequel to One Direction and Me)

This is the sequel to Me and One Direction <3 so yeah please read!!!! Its all about life afterwards. Partially continuing from the last book!!!!! xxxxxx

By Chloe(I love llamas)Vidz and Connie Bonnie Boo Bear!! Xxxxx


4. I need to tell you something

Connie's P.O.V

I woke up and rolled over on my bed to feel nothing. I sighed as I pulled myself off the bed and changed in to some sweats and a jumper. It was Louis' old one, no matter how much I wash it, it still smelled like him. I miss him being around so much, I miss the way he can cheer me up whenever I was sad, the way he hugged me and the way he kissed me goodnight every night and made sure I was asleep before him. Sometimes I think I need to get back with him because he might be my one! Then I think it was him that cheated on me, and that I could do better, the thing is I can't now I am going to be lonely forever! 

I had the day off work today so I moped around the house. In the end I texted Chloe asking if she wanted to meet up. She said yes so I went and changed into some sutible clothes to be seen in public. I still get paps sometimes so where ever I go I need to dress kind of presentable. About ten minutes later I was sitting in a comfey chair in the corner of starbucks. I had allready orderd a hot chocolate for me and Chloe. When she walked in a cold burst of air came in aswell so I wrapped my cold hands around the hot mug.

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyy, gurl!" Chloe said drawing attention to us. I jumped up and hugged her tight, it was quite hard, her being pregnant and all! After we sat down and had big gulps of our hot chocolate Chloe asked me why I wanted to meet up.

"Well, I need to tell you something." I said looking down at my drink.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, what's the gossip?" Chloe said leaning closer to me.

"Well, umm, well,......" I said not knowing where to start.

"Oh, common, spit it out!" Chloe said now bouncing around in her seat. I took a big, deep breath and started,

"Well, about a month ago I went out to a club to drink my troubles away, but I got drunk really easily cause I don't drink often and then I met this guy and well you know..." I said trailing off.

"Yeah, carry on" Chloe said looking worried, concered and excited at the same time. I took another breath and carried on.

"So the morning after I walked out of the hotel room without finding out who he was and now I have no way of telling him that he will be a father..." After that it was a long, awkward silence.

"Well Congrats!" Chloe said patting my arm. "And pack you're stuff."


"Because you're comeing to live with me, Harry and this large bump!"

"Really", I said almost in tears.

"Yes! Why would I be lying!?" I giggled and hugged Chloe tight. I loved her so much! I hontly don't know what I would do without her! We decided I would stay at my place tonight and move in at Chloes and Harry's tommorow. In some way I cannot wait!...

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