What Happened Next...(sequel to One Direction and Me)

This is the sequel to Me and One Direction <3 so yeah please read!!!! Its all about life afterwards. Partially continuing from the last book!!!!! xxxxxx

By Chloe(I love llamas)Vidz and Connie Bonnie Boo Bear!! Xxxxx


17. Home at last

Chloe's POV
I woke up in the morning, bright light shinning though the window. I sat myself up on my elbows and looked around the room. Harry was fast asleep in the bed next to mine. It was about 3 metres away. I hated being so far away!
"Harry," I whispered.
"What?!" He moaned.
"Just seeing if you are awake!" I said.
"I am now!" He said. He rolled over and I checked my twitter. A lot of fans had found out I had awoken and had contacted me. I loved all the sweet messages they sent. I had so many followers now! I remember when me and Connie used to have comparisons on who has the most followers. I would be like: 'I had 1099' followers. But now I would be saying: 'I have 1826453729270006 followers' or something like that. I was really hungry, but I still wasn't allowed to get out of bed.
"Harry," I whispered again.
"What?!" He moaned again.
"I'm hungry," I whispered back.
"So?" He moaned.
"Please can I have some food!" I gave him puppy dog eyes as he turned over.
"How could I resist that face!" He said, getting out of his bed. He was still in his cloths from yesterday and came up and kissed me before leaving the room. He came back 10 minuted later with baby Sapphire, coffee and toast. I tock Sapphire into my arms as Harry sat on the edge of my bed buttering toast.
"How do you think Sapphire got blue eyes?" I questioned randomly.
"What do you mean?" Harry replied.
"We'll you have green eyes,"
"And I have brown eyes,"
"And she has blue!"
"How did you work that out!" Harry said, clapping his hands.
"Very funny Styles!" She said.
"You know yo can't keep calling me that for long!" He said.
"Yes I can! I can do whatever I want!" I replied.
"No but soon you will be Mrs Styles and I can call you Styles!" He said smugly.
"Ok then Styles! I will have to call you it loads before then!" I said, biting into his slice of toast.

*4 hours later*
Harry's POV
It was so good to be home. I had come home a couple of times to get cloths and my toothbrush. But I hadn't spent a night here since Emma's wedding which was almost 2 weeks ago!
"Home sweet home!" I said. I saw chloe giving a sapphire a guided tour of our flat. She was so cute. I don't know if I meant chloe or sapphire...maybe both!

Connie's POV
My belly was getting really big now. I was 29 weeks in 2 days. Chloe's belly had gone now and I was the only fat one. The boys had a photo shoot later today, Louis said I should come, but I didn't know. I texted Emma to see if she was going and she said she was, so I thought 'why not!'.

*2 hours later*
We arrived at the photo shoot-we were first to arrive. We walked into the white studio, were men with big cameras were setting up. We were greeted and then Louis went to change. I sat awkwardly waiting for him to change. A fat guy with a big camera turned around to me.
"Are you caring his?" He joked.
"As a matter of fact, I am!" I replied straight faced. Liam and Zayn arrived and went to change, with Niall and Emma soon after. I sat with Emma whilst the boys tock a couple of shots. Harry and Chloe finally arrived, no one complained as they only got home today. Chloe seemed fine though, she could walk fine talk fine! You couldn't tell she had been in a coma. Little Baby sapphire came too and sat in a high chair in the corner. The boys did group shoots and single shoots. And then they men asked for us to come on too. We did shoots of all eight of us, and then just the couples. Emma and Niall looked so cute together with their pale blond hair. Me and Louis didn't take many as there aren't many poses you can do when your pregnant. Chloe and Harry tock loads. Chloe was on Harry's back, Harry was on Chloe's back. Sapphire was in their arms, they were kissing. Harry was carring Chloe bridal style. harry was sitting on Chloe! You name it! They did it!
We invited everyone back to ours and we sat watching a movie. Chloe and Harry had to leave at 6, because of Saph. But everyone else stayed till around 10.
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