What Happened Next...(sequel to One Direction and Me)

This is the sequel to Me and One Direction <3 so yeah please read!!!! Its all about life afterwards. Partially continuing from the last book!!!!! xxxxxx

By Chloe(I love llamas)Vidz and Connie Bonnie Boo Bear!! Xxxxx


21. Help!!

A/N: sorry readers but we have both been soooooo extremely busy we have had NO time to update! :( :( ;( :( :( :( Saddness! Any way after the long wait... here is a chapter... YAY! 

Niall's POV

I heard Emma's voice, screaming for help... I was close to her now because her voice was louder and louder. I was running round like a headless chicken trying to find her... looking in every possible direction. Then a big light shone out of a torch. I squinted in the newly found light but I got used to it quickly. 

I looked up and the was my Emma, tied up in rope, she already has a black eye and a bump on her head, then stood next to he Holly. The girl I used to date... we were very close, and we dated for about a year.. right before I entered the x-factor, I decided life was to hectic for dating so I broke up with her, I am happy I did... otherwise I would of never of met Emma.... but this crazy ass girl has kidnapped her and physically hurt her! 

"Oh, hi baby!" Holly said trying to look all sweet and innocent! 

"Heelleleoepopao!" Emma said, it was hard to understand what she was saying because of the piece of rag in her mouth!

"Let her go! Take me instead..... what ever you want! Just please don't hurt her anymore!" I said before taking big steps towards Emma. Then as I did so two big hefty men stepped out of the shadows, oh this B@|*%H is crazy!

"Only on one condition!......"

"What!? Tell me! I'll do anything!" I pleaded with her. I was practically begging on my knees. 

"You kiss me... on the lips... in front of Emma!" She said crossing her hands and leaning on her hip. She looked really smug, Ughhhh, I hate her! 

"Just think if you do that then... I might let you and Emma go... and live!" Well, if it was for Emma's life then... I will do anything! I looked at Emma as if to ask permission. She looked sad, but nodded her head. 

"Fine!" She said and walked closer to me. She had put the torch down and it was illuminating our faces. She walked closer and closer in till her lips were inches from mine. Then she leaned in and kissed my roughly on the lips..... I didn't kiss back though, I just let her do all the work. I felt bad for Emma so I was giving her a pleading look the whole time! We broke apart and she walked away back to Emma. Before she untied her she slapped her in the face and then shoved her on the ground.

"Here's my number for when you get bored of her, and well, I love you.. by my Nialler!" She said before grabbing my face and kissing my check. She left the ally along with the two Buffy men. I ran over to Emma and helped her up.

I carried her all the way home, and laid her down on the bed before jumping in myself... Before I fell asleep I wrapped my arms around her tiny body and kissed her softly on her cheek...   



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