What Happened Next...(sequel to One Direction and Me)

This is the sequel to Me and One Direction <3 so yeah please read!!!! Its all about life afterwards. Partially continuing from the last book!!!!! xxxxxx

By Chloe(I love llamas)Vidz and Connie Bonnie Boo Bear!! Xxxxx


15. Annoying music

Chloe's POV
I was still in darkness. Only god knows how many days I have been like this. I am trying to break free from the darkness. I'm trying...

Emma's POV
I woke up the next morning after the concert in the hospital chair. I had awful back pain as I was sleeping sitting up and man was it uncomfortable!!!!! Harry was still asleep, I didn't want to wake him. I creeped out of the room and towards the hospital cafe were I got some coffee for me and Harry. I passed the doctor on back.
"Hello Emma," he said.
"Hey," I replied.
"You know, you and your brother can go home, we can look after Chloe-it is our job!"
"Oh Harry's not my brother. And we're stay for a bit longer," I walked into the room, were Louis and Connie were now sitting around the bed with Harry.
"Guys! Should of told me you were here! I would have got you coffees too!" I said.
"Morning to you too Emma!" Connie said. I joined them around the bed.
"Has she moved yet?" Louis said.
"Nope," I said. I saw tears swell up in Harry's eyes.
"She gonna be okay!" I said.
"I heard somewhere, that if you play relaxing yoga type music it helps people get out of comas!" Louis said randomly. We all stared at him as if he was mad!

*3 days later*
We were all still in the hospital and we had played yoga type music none stop. There was no improvement. I had gone home last night and came back the next morning. Harry still didn't budge. Connie was getting worried that when she gave birth she would go into a coma. But the doctor told her it was very rare. It was about 4'o'lock and the yoga music was still playing.
"See Louis! Annoying music doesn't help!" I said.

Chloe's POV
Suddenly I heard it! Some type of annoying music playing! I was not alone! Then it stopped and I heard voices. Familiar voices. Some were shouting-arriving. I heard a soft voice trying to stop them. I recognised that voice the most...it was Harry's! Then I heard two voice they were still shouting. The music started again and a girl was shouting at someone she referred to as Louis. It was Emma's voice! I remembered. But this music was starting to annoy me. Maybe if I asked, they would turn if off. I opened my mouth to speak, but no noise came out. I tried again.
"Can you turn the music off!" I shouted. It went silent. The shouting stopped. The music stopped. Was I alone again? Or had I woken up. I opened my eyes slowly. There were a group of people leaning over me. Everyone screamed and laughed with delight. Harry hugged me.
"You do remember me right?" He said.
"Henry right!?" I joked. I saw his face.
"Of corse I Reiner you Harry!" I said, as he kissed me.
"Here we go again! Nothing has changed!" I heard Louis say. I looked around the room, Connie hugged me and then Emma and then Louis. Harry ran off and came back with a baby in his hands.
"And this is Sapphire!" He said.
"You did name her that!" I said as I held the small child in my arms.
"She's the reason you went into that coma!" Louis said.
"I was about to make you an uncle, now I'm changing my mind!" I said giving him the evils.
"Joke!" He replied.
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