Cathy is just a normal 14 year old. Except she has a few problems with friends.
One friend tries to bring her down, one friend only talks to her when they need her. What is a true friend?


2. 2

Dear Diary, 

I saw Katy had written another book on this website called Movellas. I saw the chapter that was called "Alice". That just happens to be my author name, so I checked it out. The first paragraph was the same paragraph she wrote to me on one of her books in February. Then she left a long poem saying she's sorry. I wanted to cry. I would tell her I'm sorry too. Sorry for having a go at her and bitching about her behind her back. But I know that would upset a few people. I saved the poem to Word and refreshed the page. The chapter was gone, but then I saw she had written a new Movella with the poem in, but this time she added a bit on to the end. 

I just don't want to argue with my boyfriend any more. I know he will be upset if I forgive her. 

I guess she is sorry. She admitted she takes things out on me. I know she has had a hard time too, I would say but I just can't. A secret is a secret. I know she has failed to keep mine, but that doesn't give me an invitation to spread hers. I'm too nice I guess. 

If I could say sorry I would. I guess writing an apology in this diary is the best I can do. Even though I know full well she will never read it. 


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