Cathy is just a normal 14 year old. Except she has a few problems with friends.
One friend tries to bring her down, one friend only talks to her when they need her. What is a true friend?


1. 1

Dear Diary, 

Katy attempted to break me and my boyfriend up again. To be honest, it's getting annoying now. Me and my boyfriend have broken up too many times because she tried to interfere, each time we broke up she would try and go out with him. She fancies him, but she fancies every boy that exists. Especially if they have brown eyes. 

Georgia still only talks to me if she needs me, like if she needs someone to lend her money or to go shopping with her. Other than that she ignores me. What a friend. 

I really have some shit friends. But I can't forget Lilly, she always understands me and she is happy that me and my boyfriend are back together for the third time. She tried to get me to cheer up when I got depressed after me and my boyfriend last broke up. She seems to be the only true friend I have. But I'm not choosing favourites. I do have other great friends who are always there for me even though I don't hang out with them any more. I talk to them in the morning and before, during and after lessons. 

It's just Katy . . . She is always bringing me down. She's the reason I have been depressed, it seems like she is only my friend to get to my boyfriend. I refuse to talk to her at the moment, I don't want to talk to her since she told my boyfriend's friend a load of lies and said my boyfriend's friend told her not the other way around to make me mad at my boyfriend and maybe break up with him. 

Katy also ignores me a lot too . . . She doesn't see it but she can upset me quite a lot. Especially when she starts calling me names. I may seem a bit pathetic, being fourteen and all,  but I hate it when she calls me names. She also calls my boyfriend names and that upsets me a lot, and when she knows I'm going to stop talking to her she buys me something as if to bribe me into being her friend. Last thing she bought me was a book, I still have the book even though I'm super annoyed with her. I still wear the bracelet she bought me some time ago, it is a nice bracelet though - except the fairy charm fell off. 

Also Katy has this problem. She self harms and shows me, she literally attacks her wrist. I don't know if she is doing it for attention or not, but it kinda makes me feel helpless when I try to stop her from doing stuff like that. My mum has even told the school about it. 

I also think that Katy hurts me to make herself feel better, I'm pretty much happy all the time unless I'm worried about something, or if I have been hurt. 


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