Emma Smith

Hello, I'm Giullia, but the Main Character of my stories is Emma.
Emma is a 16 years old teenager that loves One Direction, dancing, and singing, and she has a lot of friends. Emma is the girl whom everybody wants to be, because she is smart, cute, pretty and DIRECTIONER.
Her parents Willy and Samantha are divorced, but she is always happy with everything and everybody.
Emma goes through magical moments in her life... And Jenny, Willy, Sam, a secret person... Are always with her!


6. ¿What?

Emma's POV: I don't know if I have to be happy or Sad with these news! I have a sister!? Is it Good?? I am 16 years old, My "sister" may be 12 years old! But My father doesn't know that He has a 12 years old daughter! And what's her name? Does she have a boyfriend?? I have to know more about her, but first, I have to know her name!   Daisy's POV: I think she wasn't prepared for these news, but it could be the last time I'm seeing her! So I had to tell her, but What will be Wilson's reaction? He can kill me! I remember exactly the words He said: - I can't see you anymore! Go to a place far from here! I went to New York only because of a man? What did I think?I was afraid of a man?!? I'm not this type of woman!   We continued talking, but in another way. And I asked: - Tell me more about My "sister". Starting with her name. - Aline is her name, she is 12 years old ( the same as I thought ), she likes singin And playing the piano, And she is a.. a... a... Di.... O thought she was going to say that she is a directioner. - She is a What? - She is a Disney Fan - Really? I asked with a angry face. :| - Yes, And she is also a directioner. - Oh!? Niece! I also like singin And I know 1D! - I know, this is another thing that I was going to ask you. She saw the boys with you, after we changing the telephones. And she want to know them. Do you know them? - Yes I do, Liam is My boyfriend, Zayn, Louis, Niall And Harry are My friends. And Aline can know them, after I know her. - So, ok! - When can I know her? But I'll come back to London tomorrow. - OMG! So, can you have dinner with us today? And can the boys go also? - Ok, I can go, but I don't know if They can go. - Ok. - But I can give you 2 tickets for the next show on London. - Ok. She will be happy. Thanks. - Welcome. After de conversation I asked the boys if They could have dinner with me And a friend of mine, but I didn't tell them What was happening. They agree, but Harry would go with Jenny, Niall would go with Rebecca, I would go with Liam, And Zayn And Louis would go alone ( They are beutiful enough to go alone), but 2 beautiful boys ( beautiful is low for What They are) in New York without their girlfriends... And I forgot to tell that They are perfect, amazing, awesome And famous. Liam, thought I was different, so He asked me: - What is happening to you? Are you feeling well? - Yes, I am. Why? - Really??? You are different! Say it. .... Sorry, I will keep calm. How are you? - Ok, Liam, I will start saying who will have dinner with us. - Say it! - The day that I arrived here in New York, I travelled to Here, because My father was travelling with His secretary, but I thought she was His lover since 13 years ago. - And... - So I came here with Jenny to Talk to them, but My father told me that His lover was another woman, And that He isn't datting now. When we arrived, I remembered your concert, I've called you. - Only this??? - No, remember when we Were having breakfast in the restaurant that the door handles Were made of gold? - Yeah. - And I stumbled in the chair of a... Zayn entered in the room, And He saw that we Were nervous, so He asked: - Vas Happenin???? ( Oh, God ) Liam aswered: - We are talking. - Can we go?? - Zayn asked. - Ok, that's time to go. - I answered. Louis entered in the room also And said: - Who will have dinner with us?? Everybody Looked at me And I answered: - She is My sister!!!! - I said it shouting! Everybody was quiet, And Liam asked: - Do you have a sister? - Yeah, I discovered it today. She is My father's daughter, but He doesn't know it. And I hope He won't ask with whom we are going to have dinner. Liam hugged me, then Zayn hugged me, then Louis, And Niall entered in the room with Harry, without understanding anything, but They also hugged me. So I was happy to be with 1D. When we arrived in the restaurant, it was a very, very, very good restaurant! Only famous people Were there, Jennifer Aniston, Nicholas Cage, Bob Dylan... Jenny wanted to Talk to Jennifer, because of the same name. We Were searching for their table, but They found us first. When we saw them, I was nervous because of My "sister" . She talked to me like she knew me a long time ago, but I remembered that when I was 6 years old, during the Christimas I stayed in My father's house, And we met them! But she said that My father doesn't know that He has a daughter! Is she telling the truth???????  
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