Emma Smith

Hello, I'm Giullia, but the Main Character of my stories is Emma.
Emma is a 16 years old teenager that loves One Direction, dancing, and singing, and she has a lot of friends. Emma is the girl whom everybody wants to be, because she is smart, cute, pretty and DIRECTIONER.
Her parents Willy and Samantha are divorced, but she is always happy with everything and everybody.
Emma goes through magical moments in her life... And Jenny, Willy, Sam, a secret person... Are always with her!


8. Trying to live LIFE!

I remember every second of that day, it was a dark day, but the moon was shinning. After an hour, I got out from the restaurant and I started searching for them. But it wasn't so difficult, because they were near the restaurant.
The only thing that I could have saw was a kiss, but I still think I was crazy or I'm until now. Would daddy kiss his ex?? Did she told him about Aline?? Am I crazy??? I just know the answer of the third question. And it's yes, I'm really crazy!
I wanted to know exactly what happened in that day, but I can join everything and answer some questions. After that day we didn't come back to London, so I think they're in LOVE! But.... Is it good?? Oh, don't know. There are good and bad points. Good points: my father is happy and he will marry Daisy! Oh that's nice!!! So, continuing... WAIT! Is that good???? And my mom??? And I??? And they??? And the boys???
I was leaving New York, but something happened that made me stay there for a while.
I don't want to tell it, because it makes me cry! Don't think it's a bad thing! But.... Can be! Let's see it later, at the end is better! If they marry, will they live here?? Will they?? I don't know, But I want to know. I will try to know it but wait! My father is getting in my bedroom.
After some minutes talking to my father, I discovered that we would Live in New York because of Aline. WTF?? What? I didn't understand! Will We Live here? - I said
He agreed! No! He couldn't do that!
- Dad, I don't want to Live here, And the boys, And mom, And I?? - I said
- Dear, don't be like that, if you want, you can go. But I think that was the missing thing, the only way to be happy is near my daughter that I don't know! - He shouted
- And I?? I'm your daughter, but the difference is that you know me. And I will go home anyway.
- Ok, so go now! Because the airplane won't wait for you.
I looked at my watch and saw that it was time to go to the airport, and probably the boys were waiting for me.
But why haven't they called me?

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