Emma Smith

Hello, I'm Giullia, but the Main Character of my stories is Emma.
Emma is a 16 years old teenager that loves One Direction, dancing, and singing, and she has a lot of friends. Emma is the girl whom everybody wants to be, because she is smart, cute, pretty and DIRECTIONER.
Her parents Willy and Samantha are divorced, but she is always happy with everything and everybody.
Emma goes through magical moments in her life... And Jenny, Willy, Sam, a secret person... Are always with her!


2. Rebecca White

Demi Lovato had a concert in London and she called Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis and I. In the end of the concert Niall tried to talk to Demi, but she was giving attention to the fans, Niall started felling angry, so they stopped the relationship. 

I went to Starbucks to buy a coffe, but I saw Niall, so I went their to talk to him. When I was talking to him, a girl stayed beside him, and he introduced us saying that she was called Rebecca White and that she was his girlfriend. So we combine a couple meeting, but Niall and Rebecca didn't go, I still don't know why. When Liam was taking me home, I found my father and Daisy ( Jenny's mother ) together, and they said that they were working, but I didn't believe and I was furious. After Daisy going out of my house I took my father's cellphone and I sent a message to her saying: "Come here 11pm and bring everything." When Daisy arrived, I went to the living room to know what she had brought and I found a suitcase with 2 plane tickets to New York.

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