Emma Smith

Hello, I'm Giullia, but the Main Character of my stories is Emma.
Emma is a 16 years old teenager that loves One Direction, dancing, and singing, and she has a lot of friends. Emma is the girl whom everybody wants to be, because she is smart, cute, pretty and DIRECTIONER.
Her parents Willy and Samantha are divorced, but she is always happy with everything and everybody.
Emma goes through magical moments in her life... And Jenny, Willy, Sam, a secret person... Are always with her!


7. Oh God?!...

We Were talking, everybody was laughing, Liam was smiling, Zayn was looking to the mirror to see, And put His hair up ( like He always do ) , Niall was eating in the way He always eat, and everybody was looking to him. Were They looking at him because of the food or because he is beautiful (He really is)?? Harry was talking to Aline ( oh, His accent), Louis was telling Daisy funny stories about His family; And I was quite, nervous, concerned, ashamed...
"I didn't want to think or stay there, I just wanted to cry! But I am strong enough to support this, it's a little thing ( Little Things :) comparing to What I had gone through." I just thought.
I started to keep calm , And after a few minutes I was laughing also. But, I Looked at Daisy, And she was pale!!!! She was looking to the backdoor, so I Looked...
There was two pale girls And Willy in the backdoor with a serious face. I was nervous, nervous And nervous. I think it was the worst time of all My life.
I Looked to Daisy, she Looked at me, And everybody stopped talking, And starting looking to our pale face.
I didn't know What to do, so.... I went there to Talk to him And ask why He was there in the backdoor.
- Hi dad! - I said with a worried face.
- Hi, My angel! - He kissed My forehead. - What are you doing here??
- That's My question! I'm having dinner like a normal person, but you are entering in the restaurant from the backdoor??
- Yeah! I'm visiting the restaurant that belongs to My friend Dally.
- Ah...
- You are here withhh- I interrupted him And said:
- The boys, with the boys.
Problably He saw Daisy, because He said:
- Bye, I have to go!
- Babababye. - I said, without understanding anything.
Daisy wasn't understanding anything like me. But she understood that she couldn't Talk to him.
I had to tell him about His daughter before we go to London. So I had to tell him in that day! Oh My God!!!!!!
"What will I tell him?? When will I tell him??? Where will I tell him???" I thought.
I was so nervous.... But Liam hugged me, so I felt better. ( Liam, give me a hug!)
I said that I was going to the Toilet, but I went through the backdoor, And I was searching for a Taxi, but I didn't find it. But I thought that I had to search for him.
- Where is him? - Louis said behind me.
I've shouted a bit, because I was scared!
- I don't know! - I said trying to keep calm ( Keep Calm And Carry On).
- I will help you!! - He said.
Then, I saw a shadow, And I shouted:
And Louis said:
- Keep calm, it's only a dog!
And I Looked to the place Where He was pointing, And it was a dog!
We started laughing of each other, and Someone behind us asked:
- May I laugh with you?? - Zayn asked.
At this time, I saw My father going out of the drugstore.
- Dad! I am here! - I said.
He was going in My direction ( Oh, direction...:). Louis And Zayn went away And said:
- We are here if you need!
I shook My head saying OK! And My father said:
- Do you know her??
- Who are you talking about?? - I said, even knowing who He was talking about. It was Daisy!!
- How do you know Daisy?
- Ammmmmm...... Ammmmmm.... Who is Daisy????
- Emma, of course you know her! You Were seated in the same table. I know you wouldn't seat in the same table of someone that you don't know.
It's true, but I didn't say it! - Ok, I knew her in a restaurant, but I can't tell You the whole story now! I only have to say something, but it's better if she tells you, because she is more envolved than I!
- Ok, sooo.... Call her.
- Why don't you go there??? Why do I have to go there???- I said as rebel daughter.
- I'm asking you, but you are right, I can go there.
I didn't want to say it, but I know that I said, now I can't do anything.
My father entered in the restaurant observing everything, And He saw Daisy seated, and a girl seated beside her. He was asking himself who was that girl with black hair wearing a purple dress And pink flipflops. He came near the table, And asked:
- Hi, Daisy can you come here please??
- Wait for me - she said to Aline.
I was waiting themselves out of the restaurant.They weren't talking to each to other, They Were quite like me.I thought that My father would start talking, but He didn't. I had to start talking. And I started saying:
- I know you knew each other a long time ago, but Dad, it wasn't correctly What you did to My mom, And you have to understand this, And understand that Daisy has something very important to tell you. And I will let you alone.
They agreed And I entered in the restaurant relieved.
Niall was the first to ask me if I was ok, And I agreed.Everybody knew that I was better, And I said:
- Hi sister.
She smiled. It was a beautiful smile, her White teeth...
I wanted to Kiss everybody, but I gave everybody a hug.
Emma's POV:
I don't know what they had mentioned on the conversation, but I know what happened to them after it. Are you curious???


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