Emma Smith

Hello, I'm Giullia, but the Main Character of my stories is Emma.
Emma is a 16 years old teenager that loves One Direction, dancing, and singing, and she has a lot of friends. Emma is the girl whom everybody wants to be, because she is smart, cute, pretty and DIRECTIONER.
Her parents Willy and Samantha are divorced, but she is always happy with everything and everybody.
Emma goes through magical moments in her life... And Jenny, Willy, Sam, a secret person... Are always with her!


1. Meeting Jenny

Hi, I'm Emma

 One day, when I was 15, I was in the traffic and the car in front of me was stopped for a long time, so I went near the car to know what was going on, and I saw a girl called Jennifer and her mother in the car, trying to move it, but it was stopped. I called my father that was in my car to help them, but they started feeling nervous, and I asked why. Jenny's mother answered that my father and her worked together and Jenny answered  that she was nervous because they were going to meet One Direction and... I STOPPED... I asked how were they going to meet 1D, and she said that she won a competition, and the winner would have lunch with them. My father solved the problem and they were so grateful for the favor, that they invited us to have lunch with them and with 1D

We went to Harry's house before going to the restaurant, my heart was jumping of my body, when we got there we met Paul and the boys were in the car. Me and Jenny were in love with them, and they were in love with us. They didn't know who they would choose, but when Louis tried to kiss me, and Zayn tried to kiss Jenny, we had the same reaction, we said that we didn't want to kiss Louis or Zayn, because they are datting. They were supposed to stop datting their girlfriends, to date us, but we didn't want this, we wanted to date Harry, Liam or Niall. But two girls can only date two boys, and when we went to the restaurant, it was Nando's! When we were having lunch, we saw Demi Lovato. Me and Jenny wanted to talk to her, but Niall went there first, so... They started datting, but who would date Liam? And Harry? We knew about Liam and Harry's lives, but they didn't know about our, so who would they choose? I love turtles and spoons, and Jenny loves music and cats... So.... Jenny was completely in love with Harry, and I didn't know who choose.  When we were getting out of the restaurant Liam sent me a message saying: I love you anyway!! So I decided to choose Liam, and Jenny used to love Harry. So we had five couples, me and Liam, Jenny and Harry, Eleanor and Louis, Niall and Demi, & Zayn and Perrie

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