Someone out there Loves Me

I cannot give up now, I have to hold onto the little rope that is dangling above me. I have to wait for, even if it takes me my whole life.


1. Somewhere

My Mum always told me over and over again. But I never listened. Well I guess that's my own fault really. I really should have listened to her, she always knows best. But even though I make mistakes she's by my side the whole way through. She hands me a tissue when I cry, she hugs me when I need comfort, and she stays up with me all night when I'm scared. Scared of the school I have to attend. Every corner holds a new challenge, whether or not I can survive I don't know. But I know I have to try as hard as I can. Cause I know, that someone is waiting for me to talk into them. Someone, somewhere out there loves me.

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