The End.

This is the end of this. This being my life.

*NOTE this is a short piece and it is kind of real but I'm not going to do it. I think.


3. Me.

What is there to say, I just have a messed up mind. Well, part of that is because I'm a writer. But only like 25%. The rest is my own fault, because I'm such an idiot. That I've been so blind, that I've been pushing the people I love away. But not anymore, I've learnt the hard way. A broken heart, but the more I write about it, the more my heart heals. So I'm not going to stop, not until the sun rises again...

I've always be different, I admit that. Even now, I still get bullied. But their insults just prove how immature they are, and that I've learnt to grow up. I am fourteen after all, though sometimes I act like a toddler. I admit that too. I have so many ideas, there isn't enough paper in the world, to let me write them all down. I could write a book about the rising of the sun, and another, about how it sets at the end of the day. Some people were destined to do something, and I know, mine was writing. To share my experiences, both painful and joyful. Everyone that is famous, and deserved it, they all have suffered. Through deaths of loved ones, ends of relationships, and so many other things. But always at least one thing that has killed them. For me, being dumped by my first boyfriend. It might sound stupid. You'll be saying, 'Oh well, get over him. You'll find someone else.' Well. I don't know if I will, everyone at my school knows I'm suicidal, well I was anyway. So all the girls take the piss, and so do they boys. But, I know, none of them will like me. And I'm not sure I want to go to college, maybe University, but the thing is. I don't know what I want to do with my life, I want to be a writer. But, not many people have made a living out of it. Maybe I could be a journalist, or some sort of writer like that. But at the moment, I'm just going to concentrate on my Books, Friends and my Family.


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