One Love {One Direction}

(sequel to Love At First Sight)
Niall proposed to me after I became pregnant by accident. But what will happen when the world is being told, and I start to get really different, because of the hormones in my body?
What will the fans say? Will they leave, or get mad? And what about the wedding?
I never thought I would be the one to think about these things at the age of 19, but I couldn't kill what was growing inside of me, so I didn't have a choice at all.
My dream was from I was 6 years old to be married under the Eiffel Tower, but what would happen with all this going on?


10. Paris



“C’mon Harry get up! We’ll be late for the flight!”

We were all really tired as it was the middle of the night but we had to catch the next plane to Paris. Dina had after a long fight with Niall convinced him that they should be married under the Eiffel Tower, as it was her biggest dream, and then we would be driven to a hotel near where the party would be held.

I was already fully dressed standing with my coffee in my hand as it was about 4am, but I had to put it on the table next to the bed to drag Harry out.

“Harry get up!”

“Go away…”

He groaned into his pillow and turned his back to me.

“Fine, I’ll go get the ice bucket…”

As I turned around I felt his arms wrap around me and pulling me down on the bed on top of him, whilst he started tickling me.

I laughed and could barely breathe as he messed me up by tickling me.

“H-H-Ha-Harry! Stop it!”

I managed to say it after a while and I could help but smile over the puppy-dog-eyes he sent me.

“I wanna stay in bed as well, but we have to get ready! The wedding is tomorrow!”


He turned around and went out into the bathroom, in his usual butt naked self.

We finished pretty fast and met everyone out in the huge SUV that was picking us up. I couldn’t believe that you could actually get a car that fitted 10 people plus the driver. Beside that we have lots of people coming that were going to take the flight with us. Parents, siblings, family and some friends. It was crazy thinking that it was all going to happen now. I looked at Dina who had her eyes glued to a sleeping Maisie who was sitting in her pram chair.

“You nervous?”

I looked at her with a concerned look, only she would understand.


Everyone smiled at her, she knew she was going to never regret this. This was what was meant for her to happen, they were destined to be together.

We arrived at the airport where we met the families, friends and fans of course! We all greeted each other, but there were so many people, it was quite hard to know who you had said hello to and who you hadn’t.

Jeanette, Dina’s mum, came up to me and spoke for a long time. We actually ended up sitting together on the plane, as Harry was busy annoying Louis and his sisters.

“So tell me Abby, who’s going to lead my girl up the aisle?”

“She doesn’t know yet…”

I looked out of the window. We were so many feet over the ground and I felt kinda worried as I hated flying.

“How come?”

“Since the death of Mr. McMahon she hasn’t spoken to anyone about who was going to take his place leading up the aisle, but honestly I think Liam should do it. They care so much about each other, but she spoke about getting Bobby to do it, or Greg.”

“I think she should follow her heart.”

“Yeah me to, but I wouldn’t want to see someone she isn’t really close to walk her down that aisle. It should be Liam. He’s the one caring the most.”

“I agree.”

We had barely gotten up in the air before we had to land again. The flight between Paris and London was only 25 minutes.


As soon as we were out of the plane we were picked up in different cars and driven to the hotel. The boys had rent the entire hotel. It had about 100 huge rooms and almost all of them were filled out, leaving everyone with their partner or family. There were a lot of people working there already when we arrived, but everyone was told to go unpack, and for those who weren’t supposed to help getting everything ready, they could just do whatever they wanted to, but the close family and the boys’ stylist team had to stay and help as we had to get the things ready for tomorrow. Niall and the rest of the boys went to unpack all of our stuff, Abby, Eleanor and the entire band of Little Mix followed the stylist team and me down to a dressing room.

Niall’s parents were taking care of Maisie while we were running around stressing to get ready, and we ended up running around for many hours. Everything was really confusing and I hated that I couldn’t just sit back and enjoy my last night with Niall before we were married.

Around 9pm when I had been running from room to room, and from hall to hall and made sure everything was alright for tomorrow I went into the room Niall and I shared where I found him lying on the bed half asleep with a sleeping Maisie on his stomach.

I lay down on the bed beside him without saying anything at all.

“You okay babe?”

“Yeah, just exhausted. We arrived here around noon and I haven’t had time to get food, so I’m starving and I’ve just been stressing around. My mum kept telling me to slow down, but honestly everything has to be ready for tomorrow. I want this to be exactly as we’ve planned it out.”

“I would get up and get you something, but I don’t want to wake her up.”

“It’s okay. I’ll just go get something…”

“There’s a sandwich for you in the fridge.”

He smiled at me as I got up from the bed and immediately opened the fridge and took out the sandwich. It was gone before I had barely opened it and strangely enough I felt filled when I had eaten it.

I cleaned up after myself and went to change into something different. Niall and I had the suite and it was actually nice having more than one room in there. It was kinda like being in the flat, just better. When I came back I lifted Maisie up from Niall’s stomach and carried her into the room where her bed was.



“Did you change Maisie’s diaper before you changed her clothes?”



I tucked her in and left a kiss on her cheek before I left the room and closed the door. I had a baby alarm placed so I would be able to hear her. I crawled into the bed just as Niall got up to undress and get ready for bed as well. We weren’t going to sleep yet, just have a nice time cuddled up to each other watching some film before we would be getting some rest. We needed to get some rest because it was a big day tomorrow.

We were getting married at 1pm but I was asked to be in the dressing room at 8.30am to get ready for the day.

I was resting my head on Niall’s bare chest as we were watching some comedy on the telly and just enjoying having him close to me.

“Can you believe that when we’re here tomorrow, someone will be babysitting Maisie and we’ll have the room all to ourselves as husband and wife?”

Niall’s voice was weak as he stroke me over the hair and spoke.

“It’s gonna be amazing.”

I turned my head and pecked his chest before I smiled up to him.

Tomorrow it was going to be it. He was going to be mine forever.

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