One Love {One Direction}

(sequel to Love At First Sight)
Niall proposed to me after I became pregnant by accident. But what will happen when the world is being told, and I start to get really different, because of the hormones in my body?
What will the fans say? Will they leave, or get mad? And what about the wedding?
I never thought I would be the one to think about these things at the age of 19, but I couldn't kill what was growing inside of me, so I didn't have a choice at all.
My dream was from I was 6 years old to be married under the Eiffel Tower, but what would happen with all this going on?


8. Liam's feelings


I pushed Liam away and looked at him with my mouth shaping a perfect ‘O’ before my hand came with a huge force across his face and landed on his cheek.

I stepped back in shock of what I had just done, and was scared that I might have hurt him. Tears appeared in my eyes and both of my hands were covering my mouth and I bend down still looking at him, just as the front door was force open and Niall appeared carrying Maisie on his left arm.

He looked from Liam to me and then changed the expression on his face to be very serious.

“What’s going on here?”

Liam looked at me with begging eyes and I made my way up to a normal standing position. Liam turned around to face Niall with the red mark across his cheek.

“Liam what happened to you?”

Niall looked at me with an annoyed expression written all over his face.

“Dina? Will you leave Niall and me alone for a second?”

I shook my head and made myself focusing back on the real world.


I went up to Niall and picked up Maisie before going up to my own place. She was sitting on my hip as I carried her up the stairs to the flat that wasn’t far away. I opened the door to find it unlocked and Abby working on something for the wedding inside the living room. She was making a lot of the things herself and that made her work all the time for it to be ready on time.


She looked up from her work on the floor as I entered the living room without taking off my shoes and lay Maisie down on the sofa.


I sat down and took Maisie hoodie off so she wouldn’t be too warm inside on the warm flat.

“Did Niall change Maisie before he went over to Liam’s?”

“No he didn’t. He was going to get you so you could do it and come help me after.”

“He’s so lazy.”

I giggled a bit for myself and sounded distant before picking up Maisie and walking out into the bathroom while speaking to her and telling her that I was going to change her diaper. I smiled to her and finished up while listening to the sounds she made and then went into the bedroom where I found Maisie pyjamas and snuggled her in before she had to take a nap.

I went out into the living room when she was finally asleep and placed myself really confused on the sofa. Abby came up from the floor and sat down on the opposite side and looked at me.

“What’s going on Dina?”

“It’s complicated…”

“C’mon, we’re best friends. You can tell me everything.”

I took both of my hands to my face and covered it all while groaning.

“What happened?”

I ran my fingers through my messy hair and looked at her with red eyes.

“You know how Liam has been all distant over the past time?”


“That’s why I went out for coffee today and he was all weird and didn’t really want to speak with me, and then he wanted to get up and leave, but we started making a scene down there.”

I took a deep breath and looked at Abby whose eyes were already widened a lot.

“We went back to his place and he started saying strange things about how much he wished I hadn’t given birth to Maisie and that he thought it was a stupid idea to get married.”

She looked shocked and like she was choking on something so I kept on going, because she deserved to know everything.

“We spoke about freedom, being the fan I used to be, and everything but he stopped me from yelling by kissing me.”


“Shh! You’re waking up Maisie!”

We both went silent and waited but the small noises from Maisie never came.

“He kissed me, and then Niall came in and looked all confused.”

“did you tell him?”

“No but I slapped Liam across the face, though this was before Niall got in.”

“What did Niall say?”

“Nothing really… Liam asked me to leave so they could speak, hopefully he’ll tell him and Niall won’t do the same thing that I did…”


I felt my heart skip a beat as Dina left the flat. What was I supposed to tell Niall? The truth? That I thought it was a stupid thing to get married, and I cared too much for Dina to see her get taken away from me. She wasn’t mine I knew that, and she would never be, I knew that as well, but something deep inside of me told me that I had to take care of her and protect her from the world. She was like a sister I needed to take care of and stop from all things like this. Was it wrong? And what about my feelings for her? I did have feelings for her, but this was different. I wanted to kiss her, but I would never be able to think of wanting her in any other way.

“Liam what happened?”

Niall was still standing half inside of the living room looking slightly confused and annoyed with what had happened and I guess the feeling of being insecure and ignorant filled him.

“You better sit down mate.”

I took my hand to my cheek and wiped away the tear that had appeared in my right eye because of the slap. I ran my fingertips in circles over my temples when I had sat down on the opposite side of Niall and looked up at him after a while.

“Liam what’s going on? And why did she slap you?”

“Because I did something stupid…”

“LIAM? What did you do?”

“I’m sorry mate… I kissed her…”


I saw Niall get up from his seat and looked like he was going to strangle me.

“Mate come down! I said I’m sorry! I know what I did was wrong! Okay? I’m sorry, but I can’t change it.”

I held my hands up in defense as he moved closer to me and was about to go mental.

“Niall calm down!”

“You kissed my fiancé why the fuck would I calm down”

I was holding a tight grip of my shirt and I let him get his anger out, before I easily pushed him away and forced him to be the small one of us.

“Look I’m sorry okay? I’m sorry! I know what I did was wrong but I can’t take it back. I said some things and I did something stupid, but I’m sorry.”

I was yelling straight to his face and was really close to him. He finally relaxed and I knew that he had understood the message now. I sat back down in my seat and took a deep breath as we looked at each other.

“I’m sorry mate.”

He looked up and I understood that he was still angry, but this was just how it was. I couldn’t help it, I was just going to keep ignoring it. 

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