One Love {One Direction}

(sequel to Love At First Sight)
Niall proposed to me after I became pregnant by accident. But what will happen when the world is being told, and I start to get really different, because of the hormones in my body?
What will the fans say? Will they leave, or get mad? And what about the wedding?
I never thought I would be the one to think about these things at the age of 19, but I couldn't kill what was growing inside of me, so I didn't have a choice at all.
My dream was from I was 6 years old to be married under the Eiffel Tower, but what would happen with all this going on?


11. Getting dressed




I knocked on the door again, it was typical her being late, but come n this is her own wedding. I looked at my watch again. 10.15am…. I heard someone move inside of the room and saw as the door was being opened and to my surprise it wasn’t a sleepy Dina but a very smiling and a bit confused Jeanette who stood in the doorway.

“Sorry for taking so long Abby, I was just changing Maisie’s diaper.”

“It’s okay. Do you know where Dina is? We were supposed to meet at 10.00 to choose the jewelers for her dress.”

“She’s down in the dressing room getting ready.”


I face palmed myself as I realized that everything had been changed and Dina’s and my appointment wasn’t until 11.30am.

“I forgot we changed the plans last night. She wasn’t supposed to be with me until 11.30, so we would have 30 minutes to pick them and put them on her…”

Jeanette let go of a giggle as I said goodbye to her and ran for my things to do. I had a lot of things to do with finding all of the jewelers I thought would look good with the dress till when Dina arrived in my room. Beside that I had to find a tie for Niall as he ruined his other one.

I ran out to the nearest store where I found the perfect tie for Niall within a very short time, and mange to get back to the hotel just in time for the appointment I had with Dina. She looked beautiful when she walked in with her hair and make-up fully done, but we still needed to get her properly dressed and find the jewelers for her outfit. She ran her finger over usual necklace looked at all the diamond jewelers I had placed on the bed.

Before we even started going over the jewelers Dina got into her dress. After all we did only have 1 hour till we had to leave the hotel, and she still needed to speak with whoever she wanted to walk her down the aisle, but I guessed from her constant texting that she was trying to figure it out and speaking with someone about it.

I helped her into the dress and made sure that everything was the place they were supposed to be before I placed the veil in her hair. The pink dress fitted her perfectly and made her entire body shine. She looked so beautiful I couldn’t believe it.

My eyes filled with tears as I tried to fit it all and helped her into her high heels.


“What?! Is there something wrong with the dress?! Or my shoes?!”

“Dina calm down, you look flawless!”

She turned around and looked into the mirror. From the look on her face I was pretty sure that she was thinking exactly what I had just said.

We found her jewelers exactly 17 minutes before we have to leave.

“Thanks for everything Abby, but would you mind leaving. I have a friend coming down, and I need to speak with him about walking me down the aisle, and I can’t really go out as I’m fully dressed and no one is allowed to see me.”

“Don’t worry. Most people have left already, but I will.”


I sat on the bed in Abby’s room as my mum came in with little Maisie just so I could say goodbye to them before we had to leave for the ceremony. I heard a gently knock on the door after a while and got up to let Liam in.


I smiled up at him as he entered the room and his jaw dropped.

“Hey beautiful.”

He left a kiss on my cheek and we both entered the room. Honestly I had a kinda hard time walking around in my shoes but I tried my best. It wasn’t going to be pretty when Liam got a girlfriend as well and all of the boys would be bringing us to award shows. I sat down on the bed, trying hard not to mess up my dress as I looked at Liam all dressed up.

“You wanted to speak with me?”

“Yeah it’s actually kinda big….”

My mum left the room with Maisie as she knew what I was going to speak with Liam about and as soon as I heard the door close behind her I looked at Liam with tears in my eyes.

“I know we haven’t spoken much lately. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, you’re getting married Dina.”

“Yeah but something doesn’t feel right.”

He lifted my head, putting his fingertips under my chin and looked at me as the first tear dropped.

“You’re not having second thoughts are you?”

“No I’m just really nervous and I want it to be perfect.”

“Dina you look like a billion and I’m sure all of the guys will envy Niall for being with such a beautiful girl.”

“It’s not that.”

“What is it then?”

“I don’t want this if I can’t have you there as my best friend. All of my life I dreamt about my dad walking me down the aisle, but when he passed away I knew who it was going to be. I knew who I wanted lead me as I walked up to say goodbye to a life as single forever. It was you Liam. I want you to be the one to walk me down the aisle. I want you to be the one taking my hand as you support me in this. You’re the only one I trust to do this.”

A smile appeared on his face before he gently pecked my cheek and wiped away the tears that had escaped.

“Dina all I ever wanted was for you to ask. I’ll take you down the aisle.”

He smiled before placing another kiss on my cheek and I couldn’t help but plus under all of the make-up I was wearing.

The press had gotten permission to take pictures, but if they crossed any of the lines they would get a fine and be kicked out.

I had everything in order and looked at my phone. It was time.

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