One Love {One Direction}

(sequel to Love At First Sight)
Niall proposed to me after I became pregnant by accident. But what will happen when the world is being told, and I start to get really different, because of the hormones in my body?
What will the fans say? Will they leave, or get mad? And what about the wedding?
I never thought I would be the one to think about these things at the age of 19, but I couldn't kill what was growing inside of me, so I didn't have a choice at all.
My dream was from I was 6 years old to be married under the Eiffel Tower, but what would happen with all this going on?


15. Epilogue


“Mummy! James is eating the markers again!”

“James how many times do you want me to tell you that you can’t eat the markers? You’ll get sick from it.”

I took the marker out of his little hand. Silly little boy, reminded me so much about his father.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”

I took him up and carried him out into the kitchen. When I had sat him on the counter I looked out of the window and over the garden. At the same time I saw Niall as he was driving up the drive way, and as I started cleaning little James he entered the house.

“I’m home.”

“In the kitchen hun.”


“Yes James, daddy’s home.”

James tried crawling down the counter but he failed as I took him back up and placed him. I heard Maisie as her feet ran across the floor and out into the hall where Niall was still standing.

I could hear them come closer as they were speaking. I couldn’t believe how big my girl was already. Maisie was 6 and James was 3. They grew up so quick.

“Hey beautiful.”

Niall smirked at me as he came into the kitchen and sat Maisie down on the table and then walked up and placed a kiss over my lips.


I smiled at him before finishing up on James.

“Hey superman!”

Niall picked up James and spun around in a circle before sitting him back down and both Maisie and James ran back to their drawings.

I placed myself on the counter in the kitchen as I saw them run away.

“Can you believe how fast they grow up?”

I looked at Niall who was smiling and looking at them as well.

“Not at all…”

“Feels like it was yesterday I found out that I was pregnant with Maisie.”

“Yeah I know the feeling.”

He came up to me and hugged me before placing another kiss over my lips.

“How was work?”

“We worked on another song.”

“Is it good?”

“I hope it will be.”

He smiled and then looked back at the kids who were sitting inside the living room colouring their drawings.

I stepped up beside him and rested my head on his shoulder as he lay an arm around my shoulder. This was our life now. Work, kids, family, friends. But it didn’t matter because it was what we had always wanted in life, and we were happy with what we had gotten. 

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