One Love {One Direction}

(sequel to Love At First Sight)
Niall proposed to me after I became pregnant by accident. But what will happen when the world is being told, and I start to get really different, because of the hormones in my body?
What will the fans say? Will they leave, or get mad? And what about the wedding?
I never thought I would be the one to think about these things at the age of 19, but I couldn't kill what was growing inside of me, so I didn't have a choice at all.
My dream was from I was 6 years old to be married under the Eiffel Tower, but what would happen with all this going on?


7. Coffee with Liam


“Liam you need to tell me what’s going on!”

I looked at him with pain written all over my eyes and a tight grip on my coffee-cup. There were only two weeks till the wedding and Liam had been really out of himself for the past three months. We were sitting down at the usual café just the two of us, everyone else were taking care of Maisie and getting ready for the wedding. I hadn’t even had time to celebrate my 20th birthday yet, but I didn’t really care.

“Everything is just too much in time Dina…”

He looked down at the table and avoided my piercing look at him. My eyes hadn’t left him for a second while we had been there. I was really worried for him.

“Then why don’t you speak with someone or me about it?”


“C’mon Liam just tell me. You’re my best friend and you’ve been for almost 2 years.”

I put my hand on his and started stroking his hand with my thumb. He looked at my hand and then up into my eyes before avoiding my look again. He took his hand away and dropped all the contact between us. He took his hoodie and got up from the chair he was sitting on without even saying a word. I knew I wasn’t supposed to make a scene, but I didn’t care when it was about someone I cared this much about.

“So this is what you’re going to do. Just leave it all without saying anything? You’re just going to escape the world as soon as you meet complications?”

“Staying won’t solve them…”

“No but running away won’t either!”

I had gotten up from my seat and was standing with all of my stuff in my arms.

He walked back to me not to drag too much attention to us but it was too late, and just to make everything better people were snapping pictures with their phones and I was sure someone was filming it as well.

“I don’t care!”

He was all up in my face, we were only inches apart, and I was so scared that his lips were going to crash on mine, he was way too close to me.

“I just need to get away from all of this.”

“But the wedding is in two freaking weeks Liam, and I’m not going to for fill it without you there!”

I looked up at him as tears appeared in my eyes and started streaming down my cheeks. He was searching for something in my eyes but I couldn’t seem to realize what he wanted me to do more.

“Liam I can’t do it without you.”

My lips formed the words as my voice failed to work with them. We left the café shortly after and went to his empty flat. I sat down on the couch in front of telly which was turned off.

Liam walked around doing nothing and kept looking at his phone.

“Liam tell me what’s on your mind, honesty don’t hide anything.”

“I hate the fact that you can’t open your eyes and see what’s going on in front of you.”


I looked at him and raised my eyebrows at him questioning what he had just thrown at my face.

“I don’t get why you chose to give birth to you daughter even though I care a lot about her.”

My eyes widened and looked at him as my jaw dropped. Had he really just said this?

“Why shouldn’t I have given birth to my daughter? It’s not like it would have changed anything if I hadn’t gotten her. I would probably still be getting married.”

“No you would have had a chance of getting older and more mature and experience more stuff, and don’t you even try and tell me that’s not true, because you know it is. You know you’re letting go to freedom as soon as you’re walking down that aisle.”

“Liam I haven’t had freaking freedom since I first met you guys!”

“You had a choice!”

“A choice? Pardon me Liam Payne but I was a fan of yours and would a have ever turn down the opportunity to hang out with her idols when she got the chance?! Would you pass on meeting whoever you’ve been inspired the most about in your life!? If I knew that it would get to this point I would just have gone to the signing with Abby instead!”

Liam came all up in my face and held both of his hand around my neck supporting my head as he crashed his lips unto mine… 

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