One Love {One Direction}

(sequel to Love At First Sight)
Niall proposed to me after I became pregnant by accident. But what will happen when the world is being told, and I start to get really different, because of the hormones in my body?
What will the fans say? Will they leave, or get mad? And what about the wedding?
I never thought I would be the one to think about these things at the age of 19, but I couldn't kill what was growing inside of me, so I didn't have a choice at all.
My dream was from I was 6 years old to be married under the Eiffel Tower, but what would happen with all this going on?


6. Back to work


I woke up to the sound of Maisie crying and got up from the couch where I had passed out about 40 minutes earlier. I was still quite grumpy, I hated when people woke me up and where was Niall anyway?! I made my way from the couch and to the carrycot that Maisie was lying in. I got her up and calmed her down within a couple of minutes. I was walking around the flat but Niall was nowhere to be found.

I took my phone while I was sitting with Maisie on the couch. I found Niall under my contacts and he soon answered my call.

“Hey babe.”

“Don’t you babe me, where the fuck are you?”

“On the way back up the stairs? I’ve been away for like 2 minutes…”

“Yeah but your daughter has been crying for those two minutes Niall.”

At the same time the door opened and Niall walked in which meant we hung up on the phones.

“What were you thinking?”

I looked at him disappointed and really exhausted.

“Sorry I didn’t think it would matter that I just went to get a coke from Liam’s place and then went straight back up. I swear I’ve only been gone for two minutes.”

“She’s an infant Niall. What did you expect? That she could take care of herself?”


He sat down beside me with eyes begging for sympathy, but he didn’t give any.

“I’m new with this too okay, I’m sorry.”

I gave my full attention to Maisie who was now sleeping in my arms. She was so beautiful. My eyes filled with tears, I guess the hormones were still messing with my body, my emotions and especially my temper and patience.

Niall moved closer to me and relaxed as I felt his arm wrapped around me shoulder, and the comforting hand that was stroking the upper part of my arm.

“It’s okay Dina. I get that you’re really worried for her, but it’s gonna be okay.”

His Irish accent was piercing my ear as he tried to calm me down, but everything was just really messing around in my head right now.

“You don’t get it Niall…”

“Then explain it.”

His voice was a whisper as he gently kissed me right behind the ear.

“I’m afraid that I’ll lose her. I don’t want her to feel left alone. I want her to grow up with her 4 uncles and her aunties.”

My ears were all clear and shining from the water that had filled my eyes and now tried to escape, without me letting them. I got up from the couch and walked with small steps all the way across the floor and lay Maisie down in the carrycot, before I lifted it all the back so it was close to me.

I cuddled up to Niall on the couch and rested my head on his shoulder, while he gently stroke his hand over my hair.

“Can you believe we’re parents already? Feels like such a young age…”

“It is a young age, but we can make it.”

He looked at me and I saw how the smile slowly appeared on his face, all the way from his lips and then spread across his face all the way up to his eyes where it filled them with joy. He was proud of Maisie, and that really made me realize that getting her was the right decision to make.

I placed my lips over his and let the dance for a minute before pulling back because of the sound of my daughter making sounds as if she was uncomfortable.

We took a couple of days off from everything, but soon Niall would have to return to the music, which he most of the time brought home, which meant a lot of noise in the complex, and a lot of trouble for me sleeping. Everyone was around all the time, and I kept complaining about it. I had become really mommy and bossy ever since I had given birth, and honestly sometimes I thought the boys were scared of me.

A normal day would usually be getting up at 5am because Maisie was crying and then the boys would come around at 7am for breakfast and then start working on the acoustic part of the music. They would try writing different songs for the album they were working on, and make up small stories to help each other be creative. Abby and I would be out in the kitchen mostly with Eleanor, after her and Louis moved in together everything had been so much easier and we had been hanging out a lot. Perrie was around a lot as well, but she acted all different now that her music was getting so much bigger. It was kinda a shame, because I missed the wild and crazy girl I used to hang out with.

I was breast feeding Maisie as Abby and I were speaking about my dress for the wedding again. She had gotten the design all done, now we just needed to decide what we wanted to do with the rest. Actually most of it was settled, but I don’t really think Niall liked the baby pink colour that was going to be all over the place, so we tried putting in some green as it was his favourite colour. We found the flowers we wanted, the designs for the place and how everything was going to be settled. The only thing that was needed now was the dress to be made. My body was almost back to normal as it was almost four weeks since I had given birth and the wedding was now only 11 weeks away.

All of the boys came out into the kitchen just as Maisie stopped drinking which meant I was totally flashing myself.

“Everyone hurry up, close your eyes Dina’s flashing again!”

Louis turned around and held both hands in front of his eyes. You should think that now that he was 22 and a half he would be more mature, but actually sometimes it was just like it got worse the older he got.

I took the cloth that was lying on the table in front of me and threw it at the back of his head and then handed Maisie to Niall who was standing behind me with a huge smile on his face. The rest of the boys had spread over the kitchen and found different places to sit. Zayn and Liam were sitting on the counter and Lou was still standing with the back against the rest of us. Harry hung around Abby’s shoulders as always. Seriously they had, had one fight while they had been together and ever since that was over they had been all like all over each other all the time.

I fastened the strap to my bra again before putting my clothes back on properly.

“How’s the music going?”

I looked up at Niall who was talking and making faces to Maisie while playing a bit with her.

I smiled all over the face before he understood that he was the one I spoke to.

“It’s definitely going better. We’re working on a really special song right now.”

“I think Paul is going to be furious if we won’t come up with something soon. He really wants us to keep on going.”

Liam was speaking for the first time since they all entered the room and everyone looked at him with questioning eyes.

“I’m pretty sure Paul will understand that this is a hard time. Niall is 20 years old and just got his first child, Eleanor just moved in with Louis and we’re still planning the wedding which will be held in 11 weeks….”

I looked at Liam and spoke with him through looks we sent to each other. Something was definitely bothering him. That was the thing about Liam and I… we had always been able to understand each other very well and I was proud to say that Liam was my best friend out of all of the boys, even though I really cared a lot about the all. 

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