The Great Escape.

A Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover fanfiction set after the Reichenbach Fall. Doctor John Watson can't bare to live without his best friend, and Sherlock and the Doctor set out to stop John before he does something reckless.

Written by Chloe Smith and Becky Webber.


11. The End?

As the TARDIS completed its rather smooth journey back into the future, the Doctor sighed in satisfaction, shrugging off his jacket and draping it over his chair and shoving his sonic screwdriver into a pocket of his trousers. Sherlock felt in his own coat pocket, lingering over John’s note.

‘What an adventure that was, eh Sherlock.’ He grinned, his eyes sparkling brightly as if all of this was something he had greatly missed.

‘Indeed it was. Thank you, for coming back for John, by the way. I could see how much you wanted to stay with our counterparts.’

The Doctor shrugged nonchalantly. ‘I’ve got plenty of time, Sherlock. I’m thinking of going back there once you boys have sorted things out. Something is telling me to go back to that era…’

‘That’s fair enough. Let’s get sorted out then.’ Sherlock said with a smile.

He strode over to the TARDIS doors, flinging them open to let in the crisp London air fill their ears with the constant stream of traffic and nightlife, something Sherlock admitted he had missed in the past hours.

It was amazing to be back into the London he knew and loved and be able to draw comparisons from the side that no one of this age would ever see. The soft glow of a gas lamp was now a flickering manmade light; the inky black sky strewn with stars was now covered in clouds, the bright skyline adding its own charm.

‘So, Doctor, when are we?’ Sherlock stepped outside, recognising the door of 221b to the right of him. At least that still looked the same if they had happened to miscalculate again.

He twirled around, pointing the sonic screwdriver above his head as it let out a humming sound.

‘Ha-ha! We’re on time Sherlock! This is the evening before John… before it happens.’ His smile faltered slightly before he continued. ‘I suggest we stay the night at 221b and we can plan how we’re going to approach this.’

Sherlock had loosened up considerably in the company of his old friend and this new adventure, but this made him feel tense.


The Doctor looked taken aback. ‘Yes, I thought you might want my help with this. I thought you’d rather enjoy spending more time with me before it’s another 20 years until I turn up again.’

Sherlock thought for a moment before nodding. ‘Alright then. I can give you a tour of 221b. And I’m sure Mrs Hudson will love you.’


The next morning, as early as possible, the Doctor and Sherlock began the journey to John’s apartment.

Sherlock furrowed his eyebrows as he left 221b.

‘Doctor, where did the TARDIS go?’

‘Ah, I wondered if you’d ask. I have this nifty new trick where I can hide it in the sky. Won’t you be impressed when you see how I get back to her?’ He laughed loudly as Sherlock hailed a cab.


Sherlock’s heart was racing as he stood outside of John’s door. He had raised his hand to knock at the door at least five times, but some twisting feeling in his stomach stopped him each time.

‘There was no point planning this Doctor, I can’t do it.’ He stuttered.

The Doctor’s eyes softened, seeing how upset his friend was. Gently, he knocked on the door, whispering to Sherlock ‘Just think of what happens if you don’t.’

A shuffling came from inside as John reached the door. It slowly opened, before John acknowledged the people standing in front of him, his mouth agape.

‘Hello, John.’ Sherlock said cautiously, stepping towards the smaller man, his best friend.

But instead of the expected heartfelt hug or speech, John swung his fist at the detective, hitting him square on the jaw.

‘Six months, Sherlock. I thought you were dead for six months and you think you can just… you can just turn up and… and…’ John mouth kept moving but no words came out. Sobs were shaking his body and tears streamed down his face; his eyes bloodshot with heavy bags underneath like he hadn’t slept for weeks.

Sherlock held a hand to his face, assessing the damage wasn’t too drastic. He spun to face the Doctor, his own eyes brimming with tears.

‘Help me?’

John suddenly turned to the Doctor, only just registering fully that he was there.

‘And who is this? Someone else that knew you were alive, I guess, while your best friend suffered thinking you were gone for ever.’

Now that was Sherlock’s comfort zone. No feelings, just describing something to someone else. Simple. He wiped his tears away, sniffing before replying ‘This man, the Doctor, has a blue box that appears bigger on the inside called the TARDIS, and he can travel through time and space, so we-‘

‘Oh that’s utter rubbish, Sherlock.  I know you like making fun of people who don’t have a massive intellect like yourself, but there’s no reason to tell such stupid lies, especially at this time. Who is he, and where have you been!’

‘I’m not lying, John!’ Sherlock looked back to the Doctor again, pleading with his eyes, ‘Can you take him somewhere? Please?’

‘I- I suppose I can, yes. If he doesn’t try to hurt me.’ The Doctor sank behind Sherlock’s tall frame, looking anywhere but John’s glaring red eyes.

John took a deep breath, trying to stop his body shaking. ‘You get one chance, Sherlock. ONE CHANCE. I know you don’t always know how to explain yourself, but this time, you really better try, because after this I think I deserve a bloody answer!’ his voice got louder and louder as he kept talking and Sherlock could almost hear his teeth grinding as he spoke.


The Doctor led the two men to the top of the building, despite their nervousness.

‘Right, now Sherlock, this is where the TARDIS’s new hiding spot comes in. He jumped up and grabbed onto thin air, but as he fell down to the ground with a ladder in his hands.

Sherlock and John stood in stunned silence, watching as the Doctor climbed up this floating ladder and disappeared himself.

‘Come on then!’ he called back down.

They walked up a spiral staircase, going further and further into the clouds until a fluffy platform revealed the TARDIS.

The Doctor opened the doors, giving John the chance to say what everyone did.

‘It… It’s bigger on the inside.’ A small grin spread across his face.

While he was marvelling at the TARDIS, Sherlock leaned over to the Doctor, whispering in his ear.

‘I know what I want to show him. Just briefly, mind you.’

The Doctor nodded, understanding not to question him. He flicked switched and pressed buttons, the familiar whir of the TARDIS bringing her to life.

When the Doctor signalled they could leave, he cautioned them to make sure they weren’t seen.

The doors opened to reveal the top of a dull set of stairs. The Doctor held his finger to his mouth again, it would be fatal to them and to the rest of time if Sherlock and John were seen or heard now. Stepping out quietly, Sherlock led john towards a window, pointing for him to look outside.

John scanned the scene below, recognising it with a jump. ‘That’s me.’ He mouthed to Sherlock, seeing the back of his own head walk across the street, a phone pressed to his ear. Sherlock took a deep breath, and led John down a flight of the stairs, motioning to him that someone else was there. A sniper. He was sat at the window, a gun trained on someone outside. It didn’t take long for John to point at the man, then back to himself. Sherlock nodded, leading him back to the TARDIS.

Hanging back to let them speak, the Doctor put in the next set of co-ordinates Sherlock has issued him with.

‘I didn’t jump with no reason John. There were men after Mrs Hudson and Lestrade too. I couldn’t let them hurt them, let them hurt my friend. I did it for you.’ He choked out.

John’s head was reeling now, with the apparent existence of time travel and Sherlock’s reappearance, he had to rethink the last six months with seconds to comprehend it. He had so many more questions, about his friend and the ‘Doctor’ he had brought with him. Trying his best not to burst into tears, John followed Sherlock outside again.

It was impossible not to let out a small cry when he realised where this was. They were standing behind a thick and gnarled tree, a familiar sleek black headstone just in front of it that John saw out of the corner of his eye. A single figure stood beside it, and John knew the words that the figure would say before they were spoken.

‘You ... you told me once that you weren’t a hero. Umm ... there were times I didn’t even think you were human, but let me tell you this: you were the best man, and the most human ... human being that I’ve ever known and no-one will ever convince me that you told me a lie, and so ... There.’

The man blew out a breath, trying to calm his nerves, almost whimpering. He walked over to the marble headstone, placing his fingertips lightly on top of it.

I was so alone, and I owe you so much. Okay.’ He turns away, intending to leave, but he still lingers there.
No, please, there’s just one more thing, mate, one more thing: one more miracle, Sherlock, for me. Don’t ... be ... dead. Would you do ...? Just for me, just stop it. Stop this.’ After a minute of crying, he salutes and walks away. John turned to Sherlock, who wasn’t bothering to hide his own tears.

John opened his mouth to say something, but Sherlock placed a hand on his shoulder and spun him around, pointing to the other side of the graveyard. A tall figure with dark hair strode away, a black coat and blue scarf billowing behind him.

‘You saw… you saw this… to begin with?’ John stuttered, not able to feel any anger towards Sherlock no matter how much he wanted to hit him again.

‘Yes, I did. And now I’m fixing it before anything happened.’ Sherlock sniffed, laying a hand on the note in his pocket. He’d tell John about it one day. The two men looked at each other awkwardly for a moment, before John pulled Sherlock into a tight hug.

‘Don’t ever do that again, okay? No matter what happens, I believe in you. I always will.’

Sherlock simply nodded, not trusting his voice not to break if he spoke again. They stood there for some time, crying in each other’s arms. When the sky began to grow dark and the sun cast a flaming orange glow across the grass, they thought it was time to let go. John smiled at Sherlock as they walked back to the TARDIS, the Doctor’s head poking out curiously to see what had taken them so long.

‘I take it you boys are alright then?’ he said cheerily as always.

‘Yes, I think so.’ Sherlock chuckled, wiping away the last of his tears.

‘Well then, one last stop at 221b and I’ll be off.’ The Doctor ushered them back inside and set the TARDIS in motion. ‘Unless you two would like to be my new companions?’

Sherlock laughed again, shaking his head. ‘Sorry, Doctor. There are other things that need to be put into order first.’

‘Oh well, the offer always stands though. Anytime you change your mind, just call my name. I’ll be there as soon as I can.’

John stood beside Sherlock, following the conversation with confusion in his eyes.

They left the TARDIS one last time, the three of them standing outside 221b, the night not seeming as cold as it had previously.

‘I don’t understand Sherlock. You never explained who this man is, what’s a companion to him?’ The taller men shared a knowing look with one another, a thin smile spreading over Sherlock’s face.

‘Well John, there’s a lot to catch up on with this man. But I suppose if you really want to know, it all started last night…

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