The Great Escape.

A Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover fanfiction set after the Reichenbach Fall. Doctor John Watson can't bare to live without his best friend, and Sherlock and the Doctor set out to stop John before he does something reckless.

Written by Chloe Smith and Becky Webber.


12. Thankyou's! (AUTHOR'S NOTE)

Hi, Chloe here. 

The title says it all, really. I just want to say thanks for everyone's support, especially after being nominated for 'Movella of the Year'. This story was only meant for the crossover competition, combining two things we both love into something that would keep us occupied. It took a lot longer to complete than expected; my lack of internet whilst on holiday wasn't necessarily prepared for, but we've done it. We finished on time for the competition to end today, and it couldn't be more amazing to have completed something like this. 

I wanted to say thanks to Becky (Demon Kitsune), who agreed to co-author this with me. Without her motivation and love for Doctor Who and Sherlock, I doubt this would've made it to the second chapter. You go, Becky. 4 for you, Becky. And none for -insert name weallknowwhothisis here-. 

We don't mind not winning Movella of the Year, that's been and gone with us after being in such an amazing shortlist. We've got our fingers crossed when it comes to the crossover competition, all we can now is wait. 

Thanks for your support, we love you all! 

Chloe xoxox


Hello there,

I can't really sum up my gratitude any better than Chloe has.

Thank you so much for all of you who read and supported our work for not one but two nominations! I didn't expect it to get this far, and it really means a lot to me as someone who's just discovered how beneficial putting my work online can be.

And thank you Chloe, who invited me to co-author this in the first place; I'm so glad you did, this had been an amazing experience for me and a lot of fun too.

You guys are all awesome!

Becky xxx

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