The Great Escape.

A Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover fanfiction set after the Reichenbach Fall. Doctor John Watson can't bare to live without his best friend, and Sherlock and the Doctor set out to stop John before he does something reckless.

Written by Chloe Smith and Becky Webber.


2. An Unexpected Visitor.

Sherlock’s heart sank when he got the call. One short phone call; an explanation, an apology, a request.‘Maybe this is how John felt when I said goodbye.’ He muttered, shrugging on his coat and scarf before striding quickly out of the door of 221b, but it didn’t feel quite the same without the significantly shorter army doctor tagging along behind him.

It was late at night at Scotland Yard, and few people paid attention to Sherlock walk down the hallways even though they had been avidly discussing his little stunt only months before. Lestrade had insisted he drop by, as it was obviously more personal than any case previously solved. But this time there was nothing to deduce. One look at the crinkled paper that had been clutched tightly in John’s hand was enough to give an answer.

Dear Sherlock,
When I first met you, I never expected one person could impact so much on my life, but as it always is with you, I was proven wrong. Even though you're gone now, I still believe in you. I know you're not a fake. Maybe things would have gone differently had I just told you that my best friend, closest partner, a fantastic man, could never in a million years be lying about everything that had happened. Well, after coping badly for so many months, I've chosen to join you. And I must say it's the second best decision of my life; the first being working with you. I miss you. But now I'm on my way. You had your note. Well, this is mine.
P.S Tell Mrs. Hudson thank you for everything she's done. I'll miss her too.

Sherlock took a shaky breath, his always expressionless mask threatening to break as tears welled up in the corners of his eyes.
'I can keep this, yes?' he whispered to Lestrade who was hovering nearby.
' 'Course you can. Let me just say that everyone here, we... we're sorry for your loss.'
'Don't be', Sherlock waved his hand at him, 'It's my fault there was something I hadn't counted on. I thought he was strong enough to handle it.' A comment like this would normally be said in a rather sarcastic or dissapointed tone, but this time it was laced with regret.
He cleared his throat. 'Thank you, for letting me have this. Goodnight.'
With that he sped out of the station, head down and tears slowly rolling down his face. As he was walking away, he heard a strange whirring noise, getting louder and louder, but he thought nothing of it, he was too upset. 

Footsteps in front of him finally broke him from his daze, but not before he had crashed right into the person.
After he regained his composure, furiously wiping tears away, he took a look at the man.
'Hello, Sherlock!' he said, in a bright and cheery tone, almost as if they had met before and were old friends. 'How are you!'
His heart froze. Only a selection of people knew he was still alive, and this man was definitly not one of them.
'Who are you? How do you know me?' Sherlock asked sharply.
With a grin the man replied 'Well, that's not much of a welcome. But you can call me the Doctor!'

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