The Great Escape.

A Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover fanfiction set after the Reichenbach Fall. Doctor John Watson can't bare to live without his best friend, and Sherlock and the Doctor set out to stop John before he does something reckless.

Written by Chloe Smith and Becky Webber.


6. A Slight Detour.

 If Sherlock hadn’t had such a lack of willpower, this whole chaotic day wouldn’t have happened. It was his fault John was dead, so an opportunity to fix one of his only mistakes would be most desirable.

‘Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea.’ Sherlock smirked at the Doctor, the familiar cogs of mystery and adventure turning and humming once again in his head. Oh he’d missed all of this in his time ‘away’.

The Doctor whisked the cups to tea away to a spot on the console, fist pumping the air and cheering.

‘That’s the spirit! Now, you better hold on tight, first timers tend to get a little motion sick.’ He winked, playing around with the various controls as the time rotor in the centre beginning to bob up and down rhythmically.

‘Really, Doctor? Almost a thousand years across the whole universe and your height of humour is innuendos.’

Sherlock shook his head, but did tighten his grip on the back of the chair he was sat on.

‘I’ve got better, honest. But how else are you meant to amuse yourself when travelling alone?’

‘Fixing your TARDIS could be a good idea. Wait a minute, why are we trusting this to take us to save John when it’s messed up twice in the past… day.’

‘Unless you’ve been working on a time machine during your brief retirement, it’s all we have. When in need, the TARDIS always takes us to the right time, don’t worry.’

The two men relaxed, again getting used to each other’s company. To be honest, Sherlock had rather missed talking to the Doctor, someone whose intellect paralleled his; although maybe not in his newest state.

The fond memories didn’t last long though. The TARDIS started to shake and throw the Doctor around the console as he tried to keep control. A g-force type feeling was tugging at Sherlock’s stomach, making it flip again and again while the TARDIS thrashed about. He was glad he hadn’t eaten anything today.

‘I see what you mean about travelling the first time.’ Sherlock wrapped one hand around the edge of his seat while lunging for the two cups of tea that were shaking to the edge of the space they’d been precariously perched on. The whirring of the TARDIS got louder and louder, one of the tea cups smashed, the liquid trickling to the underside of the console frame.

‘Oh that can’t be good’ he muttered.

The Doctor was still frantically trying to pull more levers or turn more wheels, but nothing was working in slowing the box down.

‘Uh, hate to say this, but the TARDIS isnt actually meant to do this. A lot. At all. It still does though. Nothing too much to worry about. Yet.’

‘That’s very comforting, Doctor!’ Sherlock yelled, slipping over the first cup of tea and dropping the one he’d managed to catch across the floor where the Doctor was standing. Still holding onto a lever he was about to push, the Doctor came crashing down onto the floor, pulling it the whole way with him as he tried to keep his balance. The TARDIS stopped jerking around, the noise died down and in a few seconds and a sharp jolt, the two men lay on the floor completely still.

‘That could have gone better.’ The Doctor groaned, picking himself up off the floor and steadying himself. He looked down at Sherlock’s and his own clothes: covered in tea. ‘Ah. I can fix this. Wait here one moment!’

‘No! No more fixing things! You said you could fix the TARDIS!’ Sherlock called after him, but he was already out of earshot.

Sherlock huffed and pulled John’s letter out of his pocket. A few more creases, but it was still in one piece, thank god.

The Doctor returned wearing a new suit and bowtie, with a copy of what Sherlock was wearing draped over his arm.

‘How did you-‘

‘It’s best not to ask. This ship has got everything in it. Now, while you’re getting changed, I’m going to pop out and see where we’ve landed. Hopefully with that mishap, we’ll only be a city or two away from London. Please don’t leave this room or go outside till I get back, okay?’

Sherlock nodded and let out an irritated sigh. He much preferred travelling by London cabs. The Doctor darted out of the TARDIS door, leaving Sherlock to think if this really had been the best idea.

When he had got changed and his companion still hadn’t returned, curiosity got the better of him and Sherlock opened the door a crack to deduce his surroundings.

He didn’t expect what he saw at all.

The street was cobblestone rather than the modern black tarmac, and horse drawn carts were being pulled up and down the street by men wearing silken waistcoats, jackets and top hats. Women with extravagant dresses were walking along the street, their hair piled on top of their head with a flourish of bright feathers. The streetlamps were candles, the buildings were all fancy architecture and a thin layer of smoke or fog hung over the city even though it was mid-afternoon. He did recognise one face, however, as the Doctor walked around the corner and back into the TARDIS.

‘Hey, I thought I said no peeking.’

‘You said no leaving. I didn’t leave, did I? Now where are we? This is very important to me.’

The Doctor gave an almost apologetic laugh and he brandished a ragged newspaper form his pocket.

‘Well, the good news is, we’re in London. The bad news is… erm. We’re in 1891.’

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