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Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


11. Winning?

Emily's P.O.V

  I was in my bunk, drawing. So far we have been on the road for a while. The boys were having a Skype call in the master room with Paul.Yes the bus has Wifi, it's awesome. I had Louis's phone, I was looking at pictures to draw from it. I was in the middle of drawing a picture from Cinderella when he got a text. I opened it up and looked at it.

Hey boo. You know that New Years Eve party was amazing. Hope to do that again. Text when you want a good time again. ;) I will be there in a minute when u call. :) Well, I hope to hear from you real soon! ;) -Hannah <3 XXXOOXXX

Who the hell was Hannah and why was she having a good time with my boyfriend at the party? Why the fuck is she texting him. He cheated on me? WHY? Was she the girl who talked to me at the party? Why was sh...I ....I can't think. Tears started to stream down my cheeks. I threw the phone down and put my paper and pencils away, I got under the covers and laid my head on the pillow. I cried silently into the wall. Why would he do that to me?

    I heard the master door open. I was still crying. I was laying on the bed, facing the wall. I heard the boys walk out. "Hey Louis your phone is on the ground." Zayn said. I heard him by me. "Awe, Emma is sleeping." Zayn laughed. I cried even harder when he said that. I tried to keep it silent but it didn't I let out a little cry. I hoped no one heard me. Then I felt someone sitting on my bunk. "Emma are you ok?" I heard Zayn asked. I tried to stay quiet. "Lou, come here, something is wrong." I felt Louis sit by me, he put his arm over me. I took my hand and pushed it away. "Babe" He said, I cried more. "Don't call me babe, unless I'm the only one you're calling babe." I hissed. I didn't look at him. "Wh..What are you talking about?" He cried. "Hannah." I snapped. He paused. "Yeah, doesn't that name sound like FUN! Bet she likes to have a good time!" I cried. "Wha..Who is Hannah?" He asked. "The girl who you had fun with at the New Years eve party." I sobbed. I saw Zayn pushing the rest of the boys back to the master room. "What are you talking about?" He asked. "Just leave me alone." I tried pushing him off. "Emily, I'm your boyfriend, you can tell me anything." He said, standing up. "I don't have a boyfriend." I sobbed out.  "Emily...I ...Your breaking up with me?" He asked. "You cheated on me, it's obvious you were unhappy. If you wern't you wouldn't have done it." I gasped. "I've never cheated on you!" He yelled. "NO! You're lying!" I cried. "No, why would I cheat on my love? Why would I want to hurt you? I would never. You are the one I want." He said, his voice was shakey as is if he wanted to cry. I sat up and looked at him. He was crying. I wiped the tears away. "I saw it. I saw the text." I cried. He sat back down by me. "What are you talking about?" He asked. "Hannah texted you." I cried at him. He grabbed his phone, and looked through the messages. He saw the one from Hannah. He paused and I looked down. "I told you." I said, I started to cry again. "I've never felt like this towards any other boys before. I've never loved someone like I love you. You didn't have to cheat. You could have just said, I don't like you.  I mean, it would be nice to be your girlfriend...but I guess it won't happen." I said. I looked at Louis. "Why? Emily, I love you. That's why I asked you out. I would never. Can I explain?" He asked. I smiled, but it wasn't a good one. "Sure, you can excuse yourself." I snobbed. "Hannah was a girl who was trying to touch me all night. I couldn't find you, and I kept telling her no. She got my number from Eleanor. I don't like her. I said you were my girlfriend. So she said she was going to talk to you. She did, I told her to go home. I don't like her!!" He put his hand on my knee. "Emily, I never want to hurt you. I'm sorry for whatever I did or you think I did. I love you. I never want to fight." He hugged me, I couldn't be mad at him. "You promise you didn't do that?" I asked. "100% sure." He smiled. I smiled at him. "I love your smile. You are amazing." He smiled. I leaned on him. "If we fight, I always want you to win, because seeing you happy and smile, makes me feel like I'm winning too." He said. "Louis! I love you so much!" I said. He hugged me. I am glad we made up . I don't know what I would do without him.

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