I would...

Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


38. WHAT?

Zayn's P.O.V

It's been almost 6 weeks since Emily got hit. She hasn't woken up yet. I visit her everyday. We've had to cancel shows all over and reschedule them. Harry is such a mess. I've never seen him this bad. Niall sometimes goes to see Emma. Liam won't. He refuses. He says he can't see her like that. Harry has only seen her once after that. Louis comes every Monday and Saturday.. I don't know why. I go to her everyday, I tell her everything. Everything that happened that day or night. I told her everything about me. She knows every little thing about me. I told her things even some of the mates don't know. I mean I know she can't hear. I feel as if she can, and she is listening. Wow am I a dork. Today I was in there, sitting by her bed side. She was starting to look better and she wasn't so pale. But she was still really bad.

"So last night Louis, was going crazy watching that scary movie MAMA." I told her. "He was throwing popcorn at us, you know being usual Louis." I smiled. "Harry is still sad, but he goes outside now. Fans have been asking about you on Twitter. They ask how you are." I said choking up. I looked at her. A smile was on her face. A smile!! I was in shock.

A nurse walked in. "Here's lunch." The nurse smiled at me, handing me some meat. She looked at Emma. "You talk to her?" She asked me, searching all over Emma. "Yes.." I looked down. "She's waking up." She laughed. I froze. "What??" I asked. "She can make facial expressions!!!" She called down the doctor. Was I drunk? This wasn't happening. The doctor told me it wouldn't be short when she woke it. She might still be "asleep" for days... 


"Excuse me?" Someone was shaking me. I opened my eyes. It was Emily. She was sitting up in her bed. I was frozen. "Hello?" She asked me. Her eyes were sparkling. "Emily!" I whispered hugging her. "Do you have the wrong room?" She asked in a sweet voice. "Emily?" I asked looking in her eyes. "Am I Emily?" She asked me. "Come on Em, don't play. This isn't funny." I said smiling. She looked worried, and pressed a button. "Where am I?" She begged. "In a hospital. You were hit by a car." I told her. "Who are you?" She asked me. I knew by how she asked, she wasn't joking. Then a nurse walked in the room. "Great she's up. I'll get a doctor!" She smiled, walking out. I got up and slid against the wall, she didn't know who I was... "Sir? Are you ok?" She asked me. "Fine.." I said...I was in so much pain.

The doctor ran some tests on her, and I was in the lobby. "Zayn Malik?" Someone tapped my shoulder. I looked back. A man was standing over me. "Emily, is in a memory loss state. She has no idea what's happened to her. She doesn't remember anything.." He told me. I froze, my jaw clenched. "We don't know when she will gain her memory back, or if she ever will. You are the only one on her list. You are free to take her home." He said, bringing Emma down. She was in clothes, some sweatpants, and a big jacket.


"So what's going on?" She asked me, as we got into the car. I told her everything about the accident. "What?" She asked me. "Yes, I am your bestfriend. Zayn. You are Emily.." I told her. She smiled. "Do I have a mom?" She asked me. "Yes, she is in pain...She went to America...She was in depression, so she went to her boyfriends.. You don't have a dad..." I told her. She froze. "So...Where are we going?" She asked me. I smiled...(I told her abou the whold One Direction and the tour thing. I told her all about her and Louis, and Harry...)

"I am or was dating a popstar?" She asked me. "Is he cute?" She asked me. "Perfect." I smiled at her. She laughed. "I know why you're my best friend. You're so easy to talk to.." She looked at me. I smiled. "thanks.." I sighed....

Harry's P.O.V

I saw Zayn pull up to the tour bus. But someone was in the car with him today. He walked by the girl. It was Emily.!!

I rushed outside and hugged her. She froze. "HI?" She asked. I spun her around. Zayn stood there. "Emily. I've missed you so much!!!" I cried into her shoulder. I set her down. "You must be Harry?" She asked. I froze. "Yeah, babe..?" I asked. Zayn pulled me aside. (Zayn told Harry everything...) I froze looking at Emma, talking to Niall and Liam. I froze, she has no memory??

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