I would...

Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


30. What did I do?

Hey it's Crazy_Carrot, this my first chapter on this story, it's short but I hope you like it :)


 I got back upstairs and I looked at Harry in the eyes, I don’t know what to do, I walk to Harry and stood next to him, “Harry, Louis told me he was going to propose to me after the tour, but I told him we were together, what do I do?” he looks straight at me, I start to worry, “just say yes then” he simply replies with, “but, I, but…” I try to talk but he crashes his lips onto mine, I hesitate for a few seconds then move my lips in sync with his.

Sparks were flying through my body, I never felt like this when kissing Louis, Harry's lips are all warm, we both pull away and look at each other, Harry looks at me with sorrow on his face, he whispers sorry and runs back down stairs…



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