I would...

Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


10. The bus

Emily's P.O.V
  "Over here." Niall said, walking me to a bunk. "You can sleep here." He smiled at me. I looked around, a small bunk, 3 bunks on each side of the bus. "Harry is on the top, then Louis now you. Zayn is on the top of ours then me and then Liam." He laughed. I set my bags on the little bunk. I walked to the living room of the bus. It was small, one couch, one T.V and a small rug. It was cute though, the walls weren't so cute, they were plain. There was a small kitchen, it was like an R.V. In the 'master room' is where the bathroom and another T.V and couch is. There is some games there for the boys. It was a house on wheels. It was cute. Today was the first time, where all the boys and I were suppose to be together. The boys were putting their clothes away in the small drawers by their bunks. I was sitting up on my bunk. "Who's bunk did this belong to last year." I asked the boys. "Josh sometimes." Niall said. "Did I take his bunk?" I asked. "No, the band have their own bus. Don't worry. It's ok." Liam smiled. "Oh, ok then." I looked at my bunk. I am going to make it unique, so every knows that's my bunk! I laid out my spread and pillows. So now my bed was white with teal and pink. I had already put my clothes away. I was good at packing, since my mom did make up for movies sometimes I had to travel to work with her. There was a little curtain to cover my bunk, everyone had one. "Do these come in different colors?" I asked them. They laughed. "No." Harry laughed. "Then why does Niall have a different one then Liam?" I snipped. "Hi curtain wasn't there, so we had to get him a new one." Liam said. "Oh, well than." I sighed. "Come here." Louis said. I grumped. "No." I closed my curtain. I heard him get down from his bunk, since well his was above mine. He pulled my curtain down, from were it was hanging. "Hey, no I don't have one at all." I cried. He threw it down the hall. "What color do you want?" He asked me. "Teal." I smiled. "Oh here comes Louis to save the day!" Harry laughed. I threw my pillow up at him. He caught it. "Why is yours so soft?" He asked me. "It's Louis's." I smiled. "From the house?" He asked. I nodded. "Mhh mhh mmm." He laughed. Then Louis pulled me out of my bunk. "I said come here." He smiled. I bit my lip. He picked me up and set me on his bunk. Then he climbed on it. It wasn't that big so when he got there I was sitting on top of him. He had hs legs spread while I was sitting inbetween them. We were bothe facing out of the bunk, towards the boys. So I wasn't looking at him. He as facing the back of my hair...Iguess. He wrapped his arms around my neck, holding my hand. His arms were set on my shoulders. He was making me warm, it felt good. I leaned my head back, it fell on his chest, he looked down at me. He smiled. I looked back to the boys. "So, we have about 2 minutes before, the bus leaves, anyone need anything? Last chance." Zayn smiled. "Nope." I smiled. He shut the door and walked to the door of the driver and told him to go. That was it. We were off. Leaving for tour. This was amazing. The man I loved is here and my bestfriends, what could go wrong?

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