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Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


21. Sing

   Lindy's P.O.V

I was standing in a room with my bestfriend and ONE DIRECTION!! This is so unreal!! It feels different! I was sharing a room with Niall! Wow this is weird! "Awe" Everyone said to Louis and Emily kissing on their couch! Niall was standing by me and smiling. My smile wouldn't fade. Tonight they have a concert. It's like 3:40. Their concert was at 8pm. We made reservations for 4pm. "Come one guys!" Harry said pulling on Emily's hand. She laughed. "Fine." Louis got up and pulled Emily close to him. I've noticed that Louis really likes Emily. By the way he looks at her, there is like a bomb that goes off. She smiles when she looks at him. He looks VERY protective...it's cute! He is always holding her hand or holding her waist or sides or his arm over her shoulder. It's really cute they are so inlove! Emily, walked over to me. We hooked arms. "Come on!" Emily said pulling my hand. "Em. Come here!" Louis sassed. "What?" She asked walking over to him. He whispered something in her ear and a smirk rose upon her cheeks. "Ok." She giggled. She grabbed my hand and walked out of the room. She shut the door behind us. "Why..they are in there!" I asked. "Lindy..!!!!" She was jittery. "What Em?" I asked . "Do you like Niall?" She asked. Niall...when she said his name a smile grewon my face. "Awe..Lindy and Niall!!!" She yelled. "Shut up!" I aid pushing my hand against her mouth. She giggled and pushed it off. "Awe!" She hugged me. "Why?" I asked her. "You'll find out." She smiled.

   Louis's P.O.V

 "So tonight?" Zayn asked Niall. "What?" He asked. "At the concert?" Liam asked. "Yeah at the concert." Niall blushed. "Awe...Lindy and Niall." We heard from the hall. "She likes you!" I smiled. "I know. I know." Niall smiled. "Don't be nervous mate." Harry reasured him.

  Emily's P.O.V

"Yes reservation for Styles." Harry smiled. "Right this way." A short male motioned us to follow him. Louis was hugging my waist. I was attached to him, every where we went. "Niall is asking her out at the concert." Louis whispered to me. I looked ahead of us, where Lindy and Niall were walking. Niall's hand was on her lower back. She was close to him. I was happy for them. She has never met someone as special as Niall. Anyone would be happy to have Niall, they will get spoiled. Niall needs a girl. She is perfect for him, can be gross and girly at the same time. She is crazy and spontanous. Perfect couple. We got to a big booth. "I wanna sit by Harry!!!" I called. Harry smiled. "Whyy?" Louis whined. "3 people to a side. Well, four?" I smiled. I pushed Harry to sit down. Then I sat down and then Louis them Liam. On the other side it was Niall, Lindy and then Zayn. "So Lindy is that short for something?" Zayn asked. "Malinda. I hate it. So everyone calls me Lindy." She blushed. "Well. I think it's perfect." Zayn nodded. "Thanks." She giggled. "How old are you?" Liam asked. "19." She smiled. "She isn't use to this is she?" Harry asked. "Hey Horan, your girl she is pretty hot I think I might take her!" Zayn teased. "I am only joking I have a girlfriend." He reasured her. She blushed again. "I know from Little Mix." She said. "Fan?" He teased. Everyone contiuned to talk to her and ask her questions. We ordered food. "Louis can I share with you?" I asked him. "Why?" He asked. "Not that hungry." I said holding his hand. "Because she has to save room for your carrot tonight." Zayn joked. I blushed badly. "See!" He shouted. The boys cracked up. "You can share with me." Harry said. "Thanks boo." I said poking his dimples. "Hey!!" Louis whined liked a child. "You are boo bear." I smiled. "Your babies are going to be so cute!" Lindy smiled. "Ha. Not thinking that far yet." Louis smiled. "Your babies are going to be able to sing." Lindy shouted. I kicked her leg. She gave me a death look. "What?" She asked. "They might get Emily's dominate gene and not sing." Liam said. "Emily can sing. Haven't you heard her? Tell me you have heard her sing before?" She asked them. "Nope." They all said. "Ok. Let me hear you." Louis smiled. "No!" I blushed. "Please!" They all begged. "Fine." "Isn't she lovelyy? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she precious? Less than 1 minute old. I've never thought...through love we'd be making one as lovely as she. But isn't she lovely? Made from love. Isn't she pretty?" I sang quietly. They all looked at me. "Perfect. Your voice is so good!" Liam smiled. "Precious." Harry smiled. "AmaZAYN!" Zayn joked. "Very..Very lovely!" Louis smiled. "Good job. You should do the X-Factor!" Niall said. I shook my head no. "Why?" Louis asked. "Not good enough." I said. "Yes you are. You are amazing! Your voice is perfect! It's lovely!" Louis smiled at me. Did they really think so or were they just being nice?

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